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A Guide to Punta Cana – A Paradise of Blissful Beaches

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Dancing palm trees, white-sand beaches, and cold breezes put up a perfect vacation scenario. You must be finding this guide to punta cana. Do you? But, You ended up looking for some luxurious resorts or forever long beaches for your vacations. Punta Cana, a resort town of the Dominican Republic meets up to your expectation. It is known for its exotic blue water beaches and landscapes which vows to trap you in its ethereal beauty. It is one of the most demanded tourist locations. If you are a travel enthusiast, Punta Cana deserves a place in your bucket list. The resorts located on the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic is considered one comfortable vacationing spot for families and couples. Punta Cana is one. It surely won’t disappoint you.

Punta Cana Glorious Sand Beaches

A guide to Punta Cana

The biggest tourist draws of this resort are its secluded white sand beach. Punta Cana offers a beautiful and unique variety of blue water beaches. A Guide to Punta Cana offers grounds to more than 10 beaches. Macao and Bavaro Arena Gorda Beach are some of the most prominent beaches in Punta Cana.

Bavaro Beach

A guide to punto cana

The famous white sand beach, swaying palm trees hides the resorts and warm turquoise waters. A beach located on a 25 minutes’ drive from the airport has a lot more to offer than sunbathing. You can explore the beach by deep water fishing, boating, diving, and snorkeling. Glass bottom boating is one of the most exciting ways to explore the underwater beauty. Despite being one of the most crowded vacationing spots with tourists sunbathing, surfing, or walking by the shores, the beach is very well maintained by the motorized cleaners.

Macao Beach

A guide to Punto cana

It is a dreamy Caribbean spot with soft white sand and warm blue water beaches just 20 minutes from Bavaro beach. It is an escape from crowded touristy locations. Beautiful Macao beach conceals you in its vast shores. The spot grabs a lot of spotlight for its activities. Yet, surfing is the most interesting. You can entertain yourself with horse riding, swimming, and surfing. Don’t miss enjoying the dining at the local bars.

Arena Gorda Beach

A guide to punto cana

It is a spectacular spot with the whitest sand in the whole Dominican Republic. The spot is popular for highly engaging activities. The resorts on the beach offer a wonderful family time. Although the access to the beach is limited, you can rent a resort or a hotel near the beach. It feels like a cherry on the cake. You can even give yourself a treat spending time by the shores or dine in the hotels nearby.

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Things to Explore in Punta Cana

Punta Cana, a traveler’s paradise has a lot more to offer than the breathtaking, blue beaches and white sand. Here we have a checklist of must-try things for your trip to Punta Cana. With this Guide to punta cana, let’s dive in.

A Day In Isla Soana

A guide to punto cana

The island is considered one of the most entertaining spots among the tourists, with undiscovered beaches and limited crowds. A cruise ship or speed boat will take you to unravel the beautiful beaches of Isla Soana from Punta Cana. You can spend your time swimming, playing volley or trying authentic Dominican items at a local bar. People invest their time in sunbathing on the island watching the peaceful blue waters and playing with the warm breezes.

ExplorePunta Cana in a Jeep Safaris

A guide to safari

What’s the best way to interact with the natural landscapes and wonders of a town other than jeep safaris? Your tour would start from the Macao beach, crossing rice fields, dazzling landscapes, and further on encountering incredible natural biodiversity in Punta Cana. A brief insight into the production of best Cuban cigars in the Dominican Republic at Rancho Reel. At last, Why not treat yourself with some Dominican lunch at the Macao beachfront?

Fun Cave Exploration

A guide to punto cana

This dramatic activity deserves to be on your to-do list. Driving to Rancho Capote you will ride a horse to the cave-like one of those Ali Baba’s thieves. The adventure begins with exploring the depths of the caves, the dark pathways, and swimming the underground waters considering yourself to be a part of some mission and taking a spike of memories with you.

A Dashing Ride in Macao Buggies

A guide to punto cana

Exploring the beautiful Macao beach without one of the buggy rides sounds too unfair. Enjoy a thrilling laid back ride on a small buggy across the Macao beach and let the winds play with your body. And at the end, speeding your ride till it reaches the clear waters and you are ready for a good swim.

A Visit to Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park

A guide To punto cana

Punta Cana Ecological Foundation shields a private protected area restricted for research and recreational purposes, with 12 ancient freshwater lagoons and only 5 of them accessible to the tourists for swimming. Lagoons being addressed as the eyes due to their shape thus these ecological reserves are known by indigenous eyes.

Perfect Places to Dine In

The resorts in Punta Cana offers the tourist a diverse cuisines platters. Punta Cana has everything a gourmet could wish for. Choosing the best restaurants as a tourist is a hard nut to crack during your visit. In this context we have come up with a list of some best restaurants in Punta Cana and why they should be on your list.

Jellyfish Restaurant

A guide to punto cana

It is a hotspot among the tourists for its beautiful view and quality seafood. The restaurant serves its main course utterly devoted to freshly caught fishes. It is a perfect open-air eatery adding more taste to the creamy soup broths and salads with its scenic view. The jellyfish provides the best dine-out experience by adding diversity in its cuisines. However, inclusive bookings would double your pleasures while grabbing the staff’s attention.

La Palapa by Eden roc

A guide to punto cana

Dining on the turquoise clear waters with your favorite cuisines is like a fantasy fulfilled. The restaurant serves truly memorable dining out experience with its expertly prepared sushi and fresh seafood menu. The spot serves handmade pasta, sumptuous gnocchi, soup broth, and grilled seafood items unique to the place, giving the dishes a traditional Caribbean touch.


Passion tops the list of most majestic dining spots in Punta Cana serving cuisines from the hands of world-famous chef Martin Berasategui. The restaurant offers high-class dining in the Paradisus Palma real hotel serving a la carte menu or a tasting meal course and appealing presentation.

Carbon Caribbean Cuisine

A guide to punto cana

A Trip to Punta Cana would be unadorned without real insight into the traditional cuisines. It is a small restaurant thriving in the Punta Cana Village. Carbon Caribbean tops the traditional cuisines by serving Cuban black beans with rice, Dominican stew, Jamaican chicken, and much more.

Time to Get the Best of your Trip

A guide to punto cana

This guide to Punta Cana shows how the Dominican Republic is swarmed by tourists throughout the year regardless of the season. Fortunately, the weather remains warm year-round. But remember, Punta Cana is known to experience severe storms in October. The chance of precipitation is rare. The best time to nail your visit to Punta Cana is from March to May.

Places to Plan your Stay

When we go down into it, we all know we crave for beachfront hotels alongside these beautiful beaches. Punta Cana has resorts that promote romantic holidays and family vacations, some resorts only cater adults to avoid any distress on your vacation. Here we have a list that suits both categories.

Barceló Bavaro Beach

A guide to punto cana

An inclusive stay in a majestic resort built on the most spectacular beach with its luxury services is a vision far from reality. While you stay in the resort, you can treat yourself with Dominican meals in 11 different restaurants. The resorts allow you to enjoy different kinds of sports including scuba diving and surfing.  The nightlife of the resort would probably leave you in Awe, you can enjoy your time in a casino or try your disco moves in a club.

Whala Bavaro Resort Punta Cana

A guide to punto cana

This four-star resort radiates immense vacation vibes for families enabling the tourists to visit its pools, bars, and garden with free Wi-Fi services. The resort provides a personal beach area with a luxurious morning buffet. The resort caters children with play areas, table tennis courts, and many more services for an entertaining vacation.

The Hard Rock Hotel

A guide to punto cana

It is a lavish luxurious resort built alongside the beautiful Macao beach. It is a family-friendly resort. You have access to pools, private blue water beaches, fitness centers, and kids club. Through this guide to punta cana, You can also explore different tasty cuisines. Each member of the staff gives its best to make your holiday one of the best with 24 hours of room service.

Is it Safe to Visit Punta Cana?

The tourist spots in Punta Cana are comparably safe, but with massive crowds of people, pickpocketing is common. You should not be negligent of your valuables. Anxiety rules over the people as 11 tourists were subjected to death in 2019, the country officials claimed the death a natural fatality. To this point, there are no pieces of evidence that the series of the death or illness of the tourist was somehow mysterious. The international media blames tainted alcohol for the spike in death rates but no pieces of evidence have pulled out. For safety guidelines, the tourists were asked to consume a moderate amount of alcohol and seek medical help if feeling ill.

Travelling to Punta Cana

A guide to punto cana

We talked about what to explore? But, how to reach Punta Cana? The flights are connected to the resort town by Punta Cana international airport. It attends several carriers from Moscow Canada U.S day by day. The Punta Cana International Airport is a private commercial airport built with many facilities for the tourists. The airport welcomes visitors with five open-air terminals. A flight from the US to Punta Cana takes approximately 5 hours.

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