April 16, 2021

Best 20 Cheap Travel Destinations in the United States

Only the name of traveling in The United States brings a rush of worry about the budget. But what if we told you that there are some extremely stunning places in the U.S. that don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Almost half of the Americans cannot afford to go on a vacation because of their budget. However, it shouldn’t hold you back from traveling places. Here is a list of some cheap travel destinations in the United States ranging from coastal towns bathed in silence to some lush green backyards.

1. Moab, Utah


People call Moab, Mars on Earth. It is one of the top cheap travel destinations in the United States.

  • A fine bed of red sand covers the ground.
  • Also, the huge cliffs made up of red rocks are truly picturesque.
  • Moab offers enchanting views of ancient rock art and uncrowded trails.
  • In addition, there are a variety of cheap accommodation options like hostels, Airbnbs, and hotels that don’t hurt your pocket.

2. Death Valley

Death Valley

Death Valley is a budget-friendly destination in the United States.

  • It offers peculiar landscapes with scanty vegetation.
  • Death Valley is full of sudden experiences with scenic sunsets and striking sceneries.
  • There are many cheap accommodation options near death valley. Also, you can go camping in the valley.
  • Most importantly, Mount Whitney is just 80 miles away from Death Valley.

3. Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is a perfect budget-friendly destination in the United States offering a lot of adventure.

  • There are numerous lakes and overlooks that are totally the best in the U.S.
  • Two Medicine’s Alpine Mountain hikes offer splendid views of the Glacier. Lake McDonald, Two Glacier, and Many Glacier are must-visit places here.

4. Portland


Portland holds a strange motto that says “Keep Portland Weird”. Therefore, there are a number of fun activities and entertainment spots here.

  • Portland is the birthplace of Stumptown Coffee. Hence, you can enjoy a cup of this coffee anywhere here.
  • The Laurelhurst Park and the Field’s park are must-visit parks in this budget-friendly destination in the United States.
  • Also, make sure to walk around the Tom McHall Waterfront park.

5. Biloxi


Biloxi is another cheap travel destination in the United States. Also, it has plenty of casinos right along the waterfront.

  • Biloxi offers a variety of cheap accommodation options as well.
  • Fishbone Valley is a great place to visit for adults.
  • In addition, there are abundant parks and museums that offer free admission.
  • Don’t forget to visit the stunning Biloxi Lighthouse which has extremely affordable admission charges.

6. Salt Lake City

Though the travel prices in the city aren’t that cheap. But cheap accommodation options in Salt Lake City will balance the budget.

  • It is mostly popular for the adventure of Skiing. But there are many other tourist attractions that make it an ideal location.
  • The Hill Aerospace Museum and Salt Lake Masonic Temple are some of the best places.
  • Valter’s Osteria offers extremely delicious Italian food. It is the best in the city.
  • Make sure to see the Utah State Capitol Building and Red Butte Garden.

7. New Orleans


New Orleans is another budget-friendly destinations in the United States. There are a variety of free entertainment spots and cheap accommodation options.

  • Enjoy the live street performances and intricate architecture in New Orleans.
  • Explore the beautiful parks in the city and watch a wonderful performance at the Preservation Hall.
  • Also, make sure to treat your taste buds with a very famous lunch at Mother’s.

8. Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the world. Also, it is a great budget-friendly destination in the United States with beautiful green parks.

  • Most importantly, the Grand Canyon offers spectacular views of the landscapes around.
  • There are cheap accommodation options available in the form of camps.

9. Charleston City


Charleston is heavily sprinkled with southern charm. It has a lot of options to explore.

  • You may haul around the city market and bargain.
  • Also, you can watch the sun going down at the Battery. Visit Folly beach and relax under the sun.
  • Here, you can watch beautiful sunsets. Jack of Cups and Early Bird Diner are some of the cheap places to stuff yourself with tasty food.

10. Boston, USA History

boston attractions

Boston is a great city to know American History.

  • You can walk along with the Freedom Tail along with a guide at a very low cost.
  • Also, visit the USS Constitution Museum and indulge in some knowledge.
  • In addition, you can visit the Harvard Campus and Faneuil Hall for free.
  • If you have a thing for books, then head over to the massive Boston Public Library.

11. Washington DC,

Capitol Hill

Washington DC’s name is a very unusual choice while listing down cheap travel destinations in the United States. But yes, it may be cheap if you plan your trip.

  • There are stunning monuments and free museums like Smithsonian that impart a homely feeling to this capital city.
  • Other places to visit here include the National Mall and U.S. Capitol Building.
  • Also, you can visit the beautiful White House for free.

12. Atlanta, Best Attractions


Atlanta is one of the most budget-friendly travel destinations in the United States.

  • A trip to Stone Mountain Park is a scenic delight.
  • Highest Aquarium
  • There are abundant low-cost attractions in the city. Make sure to visit the Fernbank Science Center and the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center.

13. Austin, Place To Visit


Austin is a college town. Therefore, there are a lot of low-cost entertainment options. Also, there are plenty of amazing and affordable restaurants.

  • Juan In a Million serves extremely delicious breakfast tacos.
  • In addition, Austin is home to abundant mesmerizing places.
  • However, a mural tour around Austin is a must to do while visiting this cheap travel destination in the United States.

14. Denver, Attractions

Red Rock Amphitheatre

Denver is a perfect place to save some money and trailing along a hike.

  • Mile High City combines luxury with affordability.
  • Also, there are a number of trails that offer some breathtaking views of the city around.
  • Some of the best places to visit are Botanical Gardens, Red Rock Amphitheatre, and The Museum of Denver Art.
  • Therefore, Denver finds its name in the list of cheap travel destinations in the United States.

15. Gatlinburg, Best Travel Destinations

Great Smoky mountains

Gatlinburg offers mesmerizing views of natural beauty.

  • You can look upon the Great Smoky mountains that provide extremely beautiful scenery.
  • There are a lot of museums, mountain coasters, and chair-lift rides.
  • There are cheap accommodation options in the form of Airbnb and log cabins.
  • Also, the place offers adventures like skiing and hiking. In addition, you can explore a range of distilleries and wineries.

16. Glen Rose, Place To Visit

Glen Rose park

It is a gem of cheap travel destinations in the United States.

  • Dinosaur Valley National Park is a perfect place to walk around the park, take a dip in the water and catch the footsteps of the Dinosaurs.
  • Fossil Rim is another place where you can do some exotic wildlife spotting. Also, here you can feed some cute and tall giraffes.
  • Cafe Azteca offers some extremely tasty margaritas to satisfy your hunger.
  • You may also take a stroll along the downtown that emits historic vibes.

17. Las Vegas Cheap Attractions

Venetian-Las Vegas

Believed to be an extravagant destination, Las Vegas is a budget-friendly destination in the United States. There are cheap accommodation options like hotels and resorts.

  • Also, there are a number of entertainment options like circuses, buffets, comedy shows, escape rooms, and museums.
  • If you don’t like crowds and bright lights, head outdoors. Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire are some outdoor places.
  • Most importantly, visit the world-famous Seven Magic Mountains in Las Vegas.

18. Assateague Island

Assateague Island 2


Assateague Island is a perfect place for camping near the sea. You can have the pleasure of waking up to the song of water to see a beautiful sunrise.

  • There are some wild horses that roam over the beach. It is a great budget-friendly destination in the United States.
  • In addition, a lot of adventure options can be explored here like kayaking and hiking.
  • Whether or not you are looking for a beach getaway, Assateague Island shouldn’t be missed. Indeed, it’s definitely a hidden gem in the United States.

19. Puerto Rico, Travel Destinations

Vacation - Puerto Rico


It is one of the most beautiful and cheap travel destinations in the United States.

  • You can explore the rainforest and a stunning waterfall in El Yunque.
  • At Rincon, you can go snorkeling under the water and visit marine life.
  • Luquillo is a cheap place to eat. They serve delicious food in a great quantity. Hence, Puerto Rico is nothing less than paradise on the earth.

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20. Lake Placid Attractions


Lake Placid is a beautiful place to spend time in the lap of nature. It is an amazing and cheap travel destination in the United States.

  • The surrounding mountains offer spectacular views.
  • Also, here you can go kayaking, hiking, and even take boat tours. Therefore, Lake Placid is surrounded by nature with incredible views.

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