April 15, 2021
Greece Beach

Best 21 Touristic Sites to visit in Greece: Island,Museums


Tourists love Greece because there is a lot of touristic sites to visit in Greece. From the world heritage to the beautiful beaches, Greece has a lot to offer. It is said that Greece is “God’s choice’. The modern society we are living in lacks historical monuments, while Greece is holding some of the most wonderful historical monuments. The natural beauty and the fascinating culture of Greece make it one of its kind. The picturesque and diverse locations make Greece one of the most beautiful tourist destinations. Here are the best 21 touristic sites to visit in Greece for every tourist.

Acropolis, Athens

Best 21 touristic sites to visit in greece-The Museum of Acropolis, Athens-2

It is a symbol of Athens, Greece, and Western Civilization. Acropolis is the rocky mound in the heart of Athens. There are three magnificent temples, which are the crown of Acropolis. The best known among these is the Parthenon because it is the most distinctive one. This beautiful temple has the decoration of ornate pediments and frieze. It has 58 columns. The sight of this beautiful temple leaves the tourists mesmerized. The foot of the Acropolis attaches it to the other beautiful attractions of the city.

The Museum of Acropolis, Athens

The Museum of Acropolis, Athens-3

Acropolis Museum is one of the best historical attractions in Greece. It has the findings of ancient times from the Acropolis. You can also view the Acropolis from the balconies and terraces of this museum. The structure is made from modern glass and steel. It has a light and airy exhibition spaces. It includes the statues of BC Moschophoros and The Caryatids. BC Moscophorous is the statue of a man carrying a calf on the shoulder, whereas Caryatids are the sculptures of three women.

How is the Delphi Theatre?


Delphi Theatre is one of the top tourist attractions in Greece. In earlier times, it was an ancient site in the Greek religion. The ancient theatre of Delphi is on a hill. This theatre gives the spectators a view of the sanctuary and the landscape below. It also has a hippodrome, which was once used to host sports events. It has the temple of Apollo, and the Athenian treasury as well. Nearby, it has the Delphi Archaeological Museum. It holds the collections of findings from the site. The place is surely the best historical attractions in Greece.

Visit the Santorini village, Greece


Visit Greece is incomplete without visiting Santorini. The stunning Santorini is dramatic in all the isles in Greece. The west-cliff top towns of Fira and Oia are the delight. The cities appear to hang over the deep blue sea-filled caldera. Many of the whitewashed buildings of this place are now converted into boutiques and infinity pools. Both the cities and the destination itself gives romantic vibes. The place is popular for marriages and honeymoons. You can also sunbathe and swim on the sand beaches. You can also visit the archaeological site of Akrotiri.

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Things to do in Meteora

Best 21 touristic sites to visit in greece-Meteora-6

Meteora means suspended in the air. It is a collection of six monasteries. They are located in central Greece. They are situated on the top of several rock pillars. The very first monastery was developed in the 14th century. They are on the list of UNESCO World heritage sites. You need to climb up several stones to reach these monasteries. Inside the monasteries, you will find flickering candles and religious icons.

Mykonos Island


It is one of the best islands in Greece. It is a glamorous island destination. Mykonos is recognized as one of the best tourist attractions in Greece. Mykonos is a stunning and spectacular town. It has a maze of streets and the whitewashed steps lane. The place is popular because of the beautiful sandy beaches and diverse spectacular nightlife. Another tourist attraction in Mykonos is Paraportiani.

Palace of Knossos

Best 21 touristic sites to visit in greece-knossos-8

It’s one of the best historical attractions in Greece. It is an old palace. The earthquake destroyed the palace. But, the palace got reconstructed immediately. According to Greek Mythology, this palace belonged to King Minos. He used to keep half-human, a half-bull creature called the Minotaur there. The creature was ultimately killed by Athenian prince Theseus. It is an interesting site to visit in Greece.

Corfu Island


Corfu is one of the top tourist attractions in Greece. The capital “Corfu town’ is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage site. The main town is beautiful. It has neoclassical mansions and narrow streets. The streets up have shops, restaurants, and cafés. The spectacular buildings are an interesting sight to see. The island of Corfu is amazingly beautiful. The limestones rocks and green hills are a treat to eyes. Its surely one of the best 21 touristic sites to visit in Greece.

Crete Island, Greece

Best 21 touristic sites to visit in greece-crete-10

It is one of the largest islands in Greece. It is a spacious land with stunning views. Crete also bears archaeological traces. It has a stunning coastline to the rugged mountains. The hustle and bustle of metropolitan cities to the calm villages. Name it and Crete has it. It is a complete package that you will find in Greece.

Visit Thessaloniki City


It is the second-largest city in Greece. The lively festivals, social events, and the spectacular nightlife is a highlight. Thessaloniki has both new and old tourist attractions. It has UNESCO listed Byzantine churches and the Roman monuments. The place is the intersection of culture and religion. It’s definitely the cultural capital of Greece.

Rhodes Town

Best 21 touristic sites to visit in greece-Rhodes-Town-12

Rhodes town is one of the best 21 touristic sites to visit in Greece. The monumental towers and the gates are a highlight of this place. The streets of the old town are worthy to be explored without cars. It is the largest of the Dodecanese islands.



It is one of the best tourist attractions in Greece. Zante Island is easy to access. The glorious sand and pebble beaches are its limelight. Shipwreck Beach is the most popular. You can explore the stunning sea caves in this place as well. Blue Cave is the most popular one. You can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving there. Blue Caves are one of the best watery tourist attractions in Greece.


Best 21 touristic sites to visit in greece-nafplio-14

Nafplio is the land of elites. It is a blend of various cultures and has evolved in years. It is one of the most beautiful and romantic towns in Greece. Make sure to explore the Palamidi and Bourtzi Fortress. Nafplio surely is one of the unique places to visit in Greece.



It is the place for mountain lovers. It’s also one of the most unique places between the best 21 touristic sites to visit in Greece. It’s a jewel for Greece and its landscape. Vibrant forests, monasteries, and villages are also part of this unique place in Greece. The streams, rivers, and stone bridges are a beautiful sight. You can also do mountaineering activities. Zagori is a haven for hikers. Don’t miss visiting the eco-lodge where Aristi Mountain Resort is a must-see resort.

Mount Athos

Best 21 touristic sites to visit in greece-Mount_Athos-16

It is situated in Northern Greece. It has a special place in the history of Greece. The monasteries here are still in working order. It is a unique and historic place that you should not miss in Greece.



It is one of the beautiful places to visit in Greece. It is known for the beautiful beaches and the stunning coastline. The seaside villages are a beautiful sight to see. Skyros is a great choice for escaping the hustles of city life. The south of place has arid hills and the rocky shorelines. It doesn’t attract a great number of tourists. But, its surely one of the best attractions in Greece.


Best 21 touristic sites to visit in greece-Skiathos-18

Skiathos is the land of some beautiful beaches in Greece. It has made it to the list of tourists now. This island has a blast of entertaining and spectacular nightlife. The crystal clear waters and the white sandy beaches are a treat to eyes. There is a Skiathos town as well. It is perfect for tourists.



The city holds some of the interesting myths and legends. The walls of the Mycenae are very high. Greeks use to compare their creation to Cyclops. Mycenae as a city was powerful about 3500 years ago. The Mycenae takes you to a part of Greece, which very few tourists see. It’s one of the best historical attractions in Greece. The place will leave you awestruck. You haven’t imagined the engineering powers of the Greeks. It is a blend of culture, scenery, and history. You will not regret your decision of visiting Mycenae.


Best 21 touristic sites to visit in greece-chios-greece-19

It is an underrated tourist attraction in Greece. This little tiny island offers more than you can imagine. The stunning beaches and the hidden villages are making the island more popular. They have some funky accommodation options and some good restaurants as well.

Theater of Epidaurus

Best 21 touristic sites to visit in greece Theater-of-Epidaurus-greece-20

The Theater of Epidaurus is only a half an hour distance from Nafplio. It is a part of the archaeological site and is one of the best 21 touristic sites to visit in Greece. This theater is generally known for its acoustics. It is surrounded by beautiful and lush greenery. The Epidaurus is a venue for many performances and theatres. Most of the time It’s busy during the Epidaurus Festival every summer.


Best 21 touristic sites to visit in greece Kefalonia-greece-21

The place is popular for vibrant green forests and beautiful beaches. It is the best place to go for some wine tasting in Greece. Local families here have the tradition of winemaking. You can also see music events and films during the summer. Make sure that you do not miss SeaΝema Open Air Film Festival and Sarastro Festival. Kefalonia is one of the best 21 touristic sites to visit in Greece.

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