January 23, 2022
Greek Islands

Best Greek Islands-Unexplored Places in Greece

Best Greek IslandsGreece is famous for its unusual and unique touristy spots. You can never be disappointed after visiting Greece. Every place in the region holds its own vibe and importance. Greece has everything you wish for, from the Best Greek Islands or the serene glorious islands to the intricate historical monuments. Greece is an incredible and fascinating country to explore. The food, the culture, and the friendly atmosphere make the place a perfect holiday destination. Since Greece is a very vast country it sometimes gets tough to choose where to stop by and where to just pass. Here we are with a list of some unique places that you should visit in Greece.

Tourist Map of Greece

Greece Tourist Map

greece tourist MAP








Let’s start with the map. Maps are very useful when it comes to choosing touristy points. Always check the map before any tour. It will help you plan better. Where should you start your tour and where should you end it? Check the map and decide.

Best Time to Visit Greece

Greece Weather

Greece is an amalgamation of natural beauty and history. Pack your bags and go for a travel tour to Greece. But in which weather? All the places in Greece have different ‘best’ times to visit. However, in general, you should visit Greece from April to November. Mainland Greece is best from June to September. Athens on the other hand is a good year-round destination. If you are a little tight on your pocket, then opt for March to April or October-November. The hotel prices are reduced so you can save your money.

Things to do in Athens, Greece

Things to do in Athens, Greece

Greece has an unlimited amount of temples, statues, and figures. Greece is a cradle of civilization and you’ll love it. Athens is generally termed as an archaeological site. But, it has much more. The modern city like Plaka and the number of alleys are a delight in Athens.

Here are some of the best things to do in Athens.


Monuments Acropolis Greek

Start from Acropolis. Let’s discover the city of Athens. The abrupt rocky outcrop above the city has some classical landmarks. People enjoy spending life here. The Parthenon, the Erection, and the Propylaea are situated here. The enthralling facts and figures will amaze you. You will get to know more about Greek Mythology, philosophy, and democracy. Don’t miss going to the Acropolis museum. It holds the artifacts and other findings of the Acropolis here.

Temple of Hephaestus

Best Greek Island

The temple is on top of Agoraios Kolonos hill. It’s in the best possible state of preservation. This temple is a dedication to Athena and Hephaestus; the ancient god of fire. You will also find plenty of sculpted elements.

Museum of Cycladic Art

Greek Cycladic Monuments

Cycladic Art Museum holds a collection of pre-historic art. It begins in 1960 and by 1980 it was ready to be launched as a museum. It has more than 3000 pieces of Ancient Greek, Cypriot, and Cycladic Art. But, Cycladic marble figurines manages to take all the limelight.

Plaka Island

Greek plaka island

Let’s forget the beautiful temples in Athens. Visiting Plaka is definitely one of the unique things to do in Athens. It is an escape from the traffic of cities and a load of ancient temples. It has multiple family-run shops with some amazing things. The ceramics, handmade pieces of jewelry, and musical instruments are kept in the shops. It also has food shops packed with specialties of Greece. Plaka is a go-to place in Greece. The dine-in and nightlife of Plaka are amazing.

National Garden

National Park greece

The garden is for an idyllic setting. It’s a green jungle in between the ancient ruins and the concrete cities. The lofty palm trees are the two ponds that are perfect for a relaxing day. It also has a small zoo where you can explore some fauna of Greece. For exploring Flora, you must visit the botanical museum. However, don’t be surprised if you bump into some ancient ruins and mosaics. After all, you are in Athens.

Best Islands to Visit in Greece

Greece has several islands and beaches. It makes it tough for the tourists to decide which one to visit and which can be skipped. Here are some of the best Greek Islands which should be on your bucket list.

Santorini Village

Best Greek Islands

It is surely one of the best Greek islands to visit. It has a fascinating geological history along with some beautiful landscapes to admire. Make sure you make the best of your time and absorb all the charm. Sail in Santorini. Visit the island’s vineyards. Watch the sunset. It’s all equally beautiful and fascinating.

Crete Island

Best Greek Islands

It’s one of the best Greek islands that you can pay a visit. It’s the largest as well. It takes days to explore but don’t back of because of this fact. Little is better than nothing. Visit some amazing beaches on the island like Seitan Limania Beach. It has some ancient ruins and some snow-capped peaks as well. You will leave the island mesmerized by the beauties it holds.

Skiathos Island

Best Greek Islands

Skiathos may be a small island. But, it has a lot to offer. The island is home to some of the finest beaches in Greece. You can stroll down the streets. Explore some of the smart boutiques selling handcrafted jewelry. You can also explore the good local food. Watch the sunset with your feet dipped in the beach sand.

Corfu Island

Corfu Island

It’s a little far from other best Greek Islands. But, that doesn’t mean it is not worthy of your visit. It is stunning. Corfu is one of the best islands and you can even spend a week here. Make sure that you explore the Cape Drastic. Give a visit to the alleys of Corfu town. You will be amazed.

Things to Do in Mainland, Greece

The mainland of Greece is spectacular to see and visit. Greece is special. The mainland of Greece makes it special. Here are some of the best things to do in Mainland, Greece.


Greek Monuments

Delphi now consists of archeological sites and museums. It’s a busy street with restaurants and cafes nearby. You can visit the Temple of Apollo; a sprawling hillside sanctuary. You cannot miss The Castalian Spring and Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia. For history geeks, you can visit Delphi archaeological museum.


Ioannina island Greek


You can name the place as “Greece’s Scotland’. The stunning mountains and a lake that inhabits its own island are a delight. The island is home to Ali Pasha Museum which you can’t miss. The castle or Kastro has a living community. You can explore this beautiful village as well. Zagori and Vikos Gorge museums leave the visitors stunned and surprised. The beautiful scenery is worth admiring. Visiting Ioannina is one of the best things to do in Mainland, Greece.


Island Gytheio Greek

It’s a connection between the Greek mainland and Crete. It is stunning. Visit the fennel island. The lighthouse and the small town is beautiful. The place is also perfect for a sunset stroll.  Explore the Mani Peninsula. Absorb the textures and vibes that this place holds within itself.

Parnassos, Sky Station

Sky Station Greek

It’s the popular ski resort area. Mount Parnassos is a terrific ski hill. You won’t believe us? But, it true. Europe’s most sunny tourist destination has some ski hills as well. Parnassos being one. There are 23 ski runs for all levels.

Best Places in Greece for History

Greece has a lot to offer for history geeks. Without visiting the historical monuments and places in Greece, your visit is incomplete. Here are some of the best Historical sites in Greece.


Best Greek Islands

It’s one of the temples in Acropolis. It’s the landmark of history in Greece. It’s a symbol of Western civilization and the democracy of Athens. It was originally a city treasury before it became a church. The Parthenon was dedicated to the goddess Athena in the Theninian empire. It’s one of the best historical sites in Greece.

Meteora Monastery

Greek Monuments Meteora

It has some beautiful landscapes. If the landscape is not enough for you then the monasteries become a deal. Monasteries have an important link to the Orthodox faith and the people of Greece. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. However, the monasteries ask for a lot of energy. You have to walk and climb to reach the interesting monasteries. Don’t forget to explore the religious icons inside the monasteries.


Greek Monuments

This is an open theatre. Today it seems to be famous for its best historical sites in Greece. It attracts a great number of tourists every year. Epidaurus is busy during the Epidaurus Festival every summer and now conducts many performances and theatres.

Castles in the Peloponnese

Castles in the Peloponnese

Peloponnese is full of ancient sites. It is associated with the golden era of Greece. The famous temples are Methoni and Koroni. But, every temple here holds its own beauty and significance.

The Palace of Knossos

Greek Monuments

It is situated on the island of Crete. It is home to Minotaur and amazes the tourist. If you have planned a tour to Knossos you should visit the Knossos Museum in Heraklion. You will get a much better understanding. However, it’s optional. The palace of Knossos itself tells enough about itself.

We all know that Greece has multiple museums. The museums consist of the ancient archaeological findings. There are other historical sites like Olympia, Mycenae, Rhodes, Corinth, and others. You cannot miss historical sites on your visit to Greece.

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