January 23, 2022
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Cheap Travel Destinations That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Actually, it is possible to visit some of the most impressive sights and destinations in the world for hundreds instead of thousands of dollars, so you can live large while living out your travel dreams. This is the best Cheap Travel Destinations That Should Be On Your Bucket List. Let’s start the adventure

1. The Philippines

white sand beaches in Boracay

The Philippines is a marvelous and cheap travel destination consisting of around 7000 islands and 20 active volcanoes.

Top things to do

  • Chill at the beautiful white sand beaches in Boracay. The beach is lined by a wide range of restaurants, hotels, and eateries. It is one of the best things to do
  • Also considered as the Eighth Wonder of the World, the Banaue Rice terraces reflect extreme magnificence. The vegetation is naturally watered by the surrounding rainforests.
  • Visit the San Agustin Church in Manila. It is listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also, it is the only church that has survived many earthquakes and other natural calamities.
  • Make your way to Luzon Island and have the pleasure to gaze at the Mayon Volcano. Also, it is known as Mount Mayon. Because of its symmetric cone shape, Mount Mayon is lovingly known as the Perfect Cone.

2. Taiwan

Ximending Night market

Taiwan is a wealthy country. But traveling in Taiwan is really inexpensive. Therefore, it’s a bucket friendly destination.

Top things to do

  • Soar up to the Elephant Hill Park and see stunning views of Taipei.
  • One of the key highlights of Taiwan is its markets that glow at night. Make a visit to the Ximending Night market and experience the culture. Also, you can buy some cute souvenirs for your trip.
  • In addition, you must make sure to head straight to the Shilin Night market and treat yourself with some authentic street snacks of Taiwan.
  • Most importantly, you can hop aboard a guided tour from the airport. The tour covers the ceramic museum, Sanxia, and Zushi Temple.
  • A glance at some truly mesmerizing views of Taroko Gorge. It is one of the most popular parks in Taiwan.

3. Kyrgyzstan

Alpine meadows of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan brims with adventure. The spectacular landscapes, rich cultures, and friendly locals make Kyrgyzstan, one of the top cheap travel destinations.

Top things to do

  • There is absolutely nothing new in staying at hotels and resorts. To absorb the true essence of this country, stay with the local tribes and nomads in the Alpine meadows of Kyrgyzstan.
  • Also, treat your ears with the folk music of Kyrgyzstan that perfectly blends the folktales of the country with the sounds of the mountains.
  • In addition, plan a kayaking trip in the calm waters of Issyk Kul Lake.
  • Most importantly, one of the best things to do here is to visit and bathe in the natural hot springs of Tien Shan mountains, Altyn Arashan.
  • Shopping buffs may visit the cultural capital of Osh. It is a perfect place to get retail therapy and buy some great pieces. Some of the best works are Shyrdak, Kalpak, leather accessories, and jewelry.

4. Turkey

Blue mosque

Turkey should undoubtedly be on the travel bucket-friendly list of all the travelers. Because of its rich culture and history as well as remarkable mosques, Turkey is a place you shouldn’t miss.

Top things to do

  • Visit the beautiful Blue mosque which is a local worshipping place and a major tourist attraction as well.
  • Also, make a visit to the Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art and look at some masterpieces from world-class artists.
  • In addition, roam through the Grand Bazaar and explore more than 40,000 shops lined up in 66 streets. Hence, you can find some striking items from lamps, souvenirs, pashminas, etc.
  • Also, visit Misir Carsi and Kapali Carsi to catch some glimpses of the city. It is one of the best things to do
  • Don’t forget to take a walk in the Fener and Balat neighborhoods that are decorated with colorful houses and hidden churches.
  • Also, visit the Hagia Sophia Mosque which has a very long history of being a church, finally turned into a mosque.

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5. Mexico

Chapultepec zoo

Mexico is one of the best cheap travel destinations that must be there on every travelers’ bucket list.

Top things to do

  • Stop by the Chapultepec zoo which is one of the world’s most-visited zoos. Here you can spot giant but cute pandas and much other wildlife.
  • Also, Palacio Nacional is one of the murals you can see here for free.
  • In addition, climb up to the top of Angel de la Independencia and capture spectacular views of the surrounding city.
  • Most importantly, stir yourself in the Mexican culture by visiting Tianguis or Indoor markets. The Spooky Mercado Sonora, Hipster Mercado Medellin are a few examples.
  • To find an escape from the bustling city, head on to any of the national parks on the outskirts of Mexico.
  • Also, Literature freaks may conduct their own literary tours of the city. There are some best bookstores like Gandhi, the Volcano Books which have beautiful locations. In addition, head to the library of Biblioteca Vasconcelos to end your literary day tour.

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6. South Africa

wildlife safari

Because of the safaris and scenery, there is no wonder that South Africa deserves to be the adventure capital of the world. Therefore, South Africa is one of the top cheap travel destinations.

Top things to do

  • Ride on a platoon boat and look at the crocodiles and hippos while they yawn and stretch in the water.
  • Also, please your taste buds with the flavors of South African Braai. Braai stands for a barbeque in South Africa.
  • Strong hearts may go kayaking with the crocodiles. There is only a thickness of the fiberglass between you and 1200 crocodiles.
  • In addition, you can hop atop a horse and wander on a wildlife safari.
  • Most importantly, sit on a microlight flight and fly over the coastline.

7. London

national gallery

While the costs of riding over the London Eye may be a little too much. There are numerous other things to do in London. Therefore, London becomes a bucket friendly destination.

Top things to do

  • Visit the National Gallery and peer upon the masterpieces of artists like Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and Michelangelo.
  • Also, head to the Greenwich park which is located at the top of a hill. Hence, you will be rewarded with 360 degrees views of the stunning skyscrapers and the city around.
  • In addition, foodies must visit the Borough Market that serves cuisines coming from all across the globe.
  • Attend the best ceremony of the Changing of the Guard that happens every Monday. The Queen’s guard dressed in red tunics and hats switches duties outside Buckingham Palace.
  • Lastly, book your free visit to the restaurants located on the top three floors of twenty Fenchurch Streets.

8. Egypt


Egypt is the home to the Pyramids of Giza, one of the seven wonders of the world. Apart from that, there are numerous free and best things to do in this bucket friendly travel destination.

Top things to do

  • Firstly, you can volunteer for some animal care at Luxor.
  • Secondly, go scuba diving at Hurghada and swim along with the fishes and other marine life.
  • Thirdly, learn to make papyrus and go camel riding at Giza. Take a guided tour around the magnificent Egyptian Museums.
  • Also, hike to the top of Mount Sinai and capture mesmerizing views of the surrounding regions.
  • In addition, hop aboard a river cruise and set sail in the longest river of the world, the Nile.
  • Adventure buffs may dive into the lost city of Heracleion situated under the sea.
  • Finally, buy some lasting souvenirs from Khan El-Khalili bazaar.

9. Colombia


Colombia is still developing for travel. Therefore, it is one of the cheap travel destinations.

Top things to do

  • Travel back in time while visiting Cartagena, listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Afterward, relax at the scenic beaches in Parque Tayrona. It is situated on the Caribbean coast. The hammock is one of the best beaches in South America.
  • Also, party animals may head to the nightclubs located at Barrio Colombia, Las Palmas, and La 70.
  • Also, you may go hiking to Ciudad Perdida. The trail goes between the Colombian Jungles.
  • Indulge in the area of Pueblos to experience the rural life of Colombia. Here, you can take insights in the Colombian culture and traditions.

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10. The Baltic States

hill of crosses

It is a group of three neighboring states rich in heritage and excellent architecture. The Baltic States are among the top bucket friendly destinations.

Top things to do

  • Firstly, visit the Hill of Crosses in Lithuania and immerse yourself in spirituality. It features thousands of crosses left as a custom by the visitors.
  • Secondly, visit Jurmala, Latvia, and gaze upon the ice blue Baltic Sea. The white sand beaches and pine trees adorn the entire area of the beach.
  • Thirdly, visit the Narva Castle in Estonia. It is the most well preserved and old castle in the country that features tumultuous history.
  • Lastly, visit the culture-packed city of Tallinn. It has amazing sights that will easily take your breath away. It is one of the best things to do in Estonia.


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