October 27, 2021

Family Travel Destinations in Europe [Essential Guide]

Europe is a vast continent located mostly in the Northern hemisphere and some in the Eastern hemisphere. Its geographical location accounts for most of the beautiful and terrific Family travel destinations in Europe to visit. Also, it is home to some of the best family-friendly destinations. Here, we have mentioned the best places to visit here with your family.

1. Italy, Family Travel Destinations in Europe

volcanic islands of Aeolia

Italy is a bundle pack of history, beaches, mountains, and the best gelato in the world. Therefore, Italy is undoubtedly a perfect family travel destination in Europe.

Best places to visit

  • Rome is packed with history and ruins. Also, there are extremely sensational pizzas served here.
  • Naples is a perfect destination for people of all ages. There are volcanoes, pools, and coastal caves.
  • In Puglia, there are scenic beaches and delicious food. Hence, your family trip is all perfect here.
  • You can attend puppet theatres and relax on sandy beaches in Sicily. Also, you are free to explore the ruins from ancient times.
  • Sardinia has it all from beaches to hiking trails. Most importantly, the trails are suitable for all age groups.

Highlights for kids

  • The volcanic islands of Aeolia feature lava as well as beaches covered with black sand.
  • Also, go cycling in the beautiful orchards in Val Venosta and Val Pusteria.
  • Set sail on a family-friendly kayaking tour in the waters of Venetia.
  • In addition, there is an island at Grado. The beaches are extremely safe for kids. Also, there are a number of activities to do here.

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2. United Kingdom

London Bridge

Beyond the Clock Tower and the London Bridge, there are several other things that make the United Kingdom a perfect family travel destination in Europe.

Best places to visit

  • There are some of the best beaches with pleasant weather in Southwest England.
  • Head for a biking tour on the traffic-free cycle route transformed from railway tracks at the Peak District.
  • There are some museums with Harry Potter connections at Oxford.
  • Visit the Lake District and Cumbria for some outdoor adventure like boat rides, zip lines, and mountain biking.

Highlights for kids

  • Visit the Science Museum, London, and give some education therapy to your kids.
  • Also, discover the history of railway systems at the National Railway Museum, York.
  • In addition, introduce your children to military life at the Action Stations, Portsmouth.

3. France, Family Travel Destinations in Europe

Normandy Beach, Family Travel Destinations in Europe

France has a huge spectrum of activities to offer to families apart from gazing at the stunning Eiffel Tower.

Best places to visit

  • Firstly, Paris is home to attractive museums, lush green parks, and a wide range of eateries to have a perfect family trip.
  • Secondly, Normandy has excellent beaches. Also, it is a great place for kids to crave history.
  • Thirdly, The Jura Mountains are the best place to play some outdoor games in the snow.
  • Lastly, Corsica is a one-stop destination for adventurers. Here you can go kayaking, sailing or snorkeling in the clear blue waters.

Highlights for kids

  • Ladurée, Paris features some extremely beautiful cakes.
  • Also, waffles with sweet vanilla are served at Meerte, Lille since the 18th century.
  • In addition, at L’Atelier du Chocolat, Bayonne, watch over the making process of chocolate.

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4. Spain

Alcazar Spain, Family Travel Destinations in Europe

Spain has a number of places which are extremely kid-friendly. Therefore, Spain is one of the best family travel destinations in Europe.

Best places to visit

  • There are a number of beaches with calm waters and attractive activities for kids in Catalonia.
  • In Barcelona, there are museums of every kind. There are theme parks, chocolate museums, and wax museums.
  • Also, visit Inland Spain which is full of small villages and castles that are worth a tour.

Highlights for kids

  • Relax at some of the kid-friendly cove beaches at Costa Brava and Cala Sant Vicenç.
  • Also, visit Alcazar, Segovia, from which the castle of a very famous children’s story, The Sleeping Beauty, is inspired.
  • Most importantly, introduce your kids to a wide variety of wildlife at Zoo Aquarium de Madrid.
  • Also, don’t forget to visit Casas Colgadas where houses hang on the cliff.

5. Ireland, Family Travel Destinations in Europe

Cliffs of Moher Ireland

Ireland is one of the best family travel destinations in Europe. It is full of enthusiastic people ready to welcome you to their home country.

Best places to visit

  • Visit the Cliffs of Moher and learn about its history as well as the collection of bird eggs from the cliffs.
  • Also, Kylemore Abbey offers breathtaking views. There are fun areas to play for kids.
  • Lastly, the Dingle Peninsula is another treat for families. A massive Oceanic Aquarium lies just by the Dingle Bay.

Highlights for kids

  • At the National Gallery, Dublin, they organize regular art workshops to motivate young artists.
  • Also, there are guided beach trekking tours especially for kids at Errislannan Manor, Clifden.
  • In addition, at Killarney Riding Stables, your kids can learn riding along the lakes of a national park.
  • Most importantly, in the heart of Dublin, Wakedock, your kids are free to learn wakeboarding.

6. Switzerland

Aletsch Arena, Family Travel Destinations in Europe

Switzerland is a dream family travel destination in Europe for everybody out there. There is no wonder because of its lush green valleys and snow-capped mountains.

Best places to visit

  • Also called the Winter Wonderland, Aletsch Arena is one of the most family-friendly destinations in Switzerland. There are three car-free villages.
  • Engelberg Brunni provides extremely stunning views, a large playground, and a lake.
  • Also, there are unforgettable hiking trails at Valais along with spectacular views of mountains and valleys.
  • Most importantly, there is a mesmerizing valley of 72 waterfalls named Lauterbrunnen. There are great playgrounds and cycling trails at this place.

Highlights for kids

  • Firstly, hop aboard on train travel which is absolutely free for kids up to six years of age.
  • Secondly, visit Interlaken that houses the Funky Chocolate Club. Here, your kids can learn the art of chocolate making.
  • Thirdly, try exploring Maienfeld with your kids. Heidi, the very famous children’s book is based on this tiny village.
  • Lastly, visit Gstaad, also known as the last paradise in a crazy world. Here you will find stunning views of glaciers and hills.
  1. Portugal, Family Travel Destinations in Europe

fishing town of Cascais

Portugal is a great family travel destination with pleasant weather, scenic beaches, and yummy food.

Best places to visit

  • Visit the fairy tale castles of Sintra. Some of the best castles are the Moorish castle, the Grand Palace of Queluz, and the Pena National Palace.
  • Also, visit the fishing town of Cascais. It is also known as the Town of Kings and Fishes.

Highlights for kids

  • Ride a tuk-tuk in Lisbon, Porto, and Sintra. Your kids will love it.
  • Also, take a walk on the walls of the city of Obidos. Here you will be rewarded with extremely beautiful views.
  • Certainly visit the caves of Grutas de Mira de Aire. The caves are situated 110m below the ground and extend over 600m.
  • Most importantly, savor the bites of Portuguese custard cakes. It is a must-eat local food in Portugal.

8. Norway

Norway Fjord, Family Travel Destinations in Europe

Norway is a perfect family travel destination in Europe because of its carefully designed hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

Best places to visit

  • Oslo has lush green parklands and attractive museums.
  • There are numerous child-friendly places in Bergen and the Southwestern Fjords. Also, there are boat trips and water-based activities available here.
  • Most importantly, visit the very unforgettable Northern Lights. It is one of the best things to do in Norway.

Highlights for kids

  • At the National History Museum, Oslo, introduce your kids to the arctic wildlife.
  • Also, your kids can get hands-on with the various exhibits at the Norwegian Glacier Museum.
  • In addition, there are very intriguing fairy tale palaces and exciting water rides at Hunderfossen Familiepark.
  • Also, there are family-friendly white water rafting trips in Sjoa.
  • Furthermore, there are kayaking trips for the family at Voss, Svalbard.

9. Greece, Family travel destinations in Europe

Greece Beach, Family Travel Destinations in Europe

Greece may not be that welcoming for kids. But a few greek words are sufficient to have them including children in all the things.

Best places to visit

  • There is a bundle of some great sights, museums, and parks in Athens that treat kids very well.
  • Crete Island’s beaches are beautiful and sandy.
  • Also, there are very scenic beaches, magnificent castles, and laid back islands at the Dodecanese. Therefore, it is a very ideal family travel destination in Europe.

Highlights for kids

  • Firstly, Set sail on a boat trip to a secluded bay in a fishing boat at Catamaran.
  • Secondly, paddle the kayak amid dolphins at Kefalonia.
  • Thirdly, make your way to the Rhodes Islands and explore crumbling castles sitting on huge cliffs.
  • Also, visit the ruined palace of Knossos to drive your imagination.
  • Most importantly, treat your children and yourself with some really delicious dishes like Yemista, Pastitsio, Kolokithokeftedes, and Loukoumades.
  • Another one of the best things to do here is experiencing the carnival season. At this time, there are fancy dress events, parades, and traditional dancing acts.

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