January 23, 2022
Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya: Best Of Riviera Maya Mexico, Tourism

A guide to Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is one of the most famous tourist destinations. A resort area situated in the south of Cancun, Mexico. Located in the eastern part of the Yucatan Peninsula, it runs 75 miles of the Mexican Caribbean seaboard. It is considered to be a heaven for divers and snorkelers due to its famous underground river hidden under the layers of stalactites and the reef of Puerto Morelos. It is also home to 4 eco Theme Parks and a Monkey Sanctuary that will keep you a once in a lifetime enjoyable trip.

Mainly, the Rivera Maya is famous for its world-class luxurious resorts that are available for everyone. Hotels and restaurants serving delicious meals are among the many top-class facilities that it provides. Also, the sea of Riviera Maya hosts the world’s second-longest barrier reef system. Another factor of the major attraction in Rivera Maya is the archaeological sites of Tulum, Coba, and Chichen Itza.

Valentin Imperial 

A guide to Riviera Maya

Around 6 km from the golf course of El Manglar and 13 km away from the Dolphin Discovery, the luxurious, adult-only, Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya is situated. Covering about half a mile of the Playa Secreto private beach the Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya resort is one of the best adult-only resorts you could find. Containing 8 restaurants and bars, the resorts offer French, Italian, Japanese, and several other cuisines in the best of quality. To add entertainment to your trip the resort offers outdoor pools, spas, fitness rooms, and adult beaches. To make your stay and the overall trip even more unforgettable, the Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya Hotel arranges snorkeling and scuba diving trips also.

Grand Velas Riviera Maya

A guide to Riviera Maya

Entwined with the coast of the Caribbean Sea and at the junction of the amazing Yucatan Jungle, Grand Velas Riviera Maya resort will take you off the ground with its white sandy beach and astonishing view. Providing the best-staying experience with its free WiFi, high-definition TVs, personal minibars, and 24/7 room service, the Grand Velas resort is at the apex of providing comfort. It further embellishes your stay with its suite sized living rooms, infinity pools, private pools, and whirlpools. To add entertainment, excitement, and satiation to your body and soul the resort is coupled with a world-class relaxing spa and the best dining experience with French, Mexican, Italian, and several other cuisines.

Hard Rock Hotel

A guide to Riviera Maya

After spending an enjoyable time at the astonishing beauty of Cha-hal-al Ruins, the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya just 5km away is the best option of where you should spend your time. This all-inclusive beach resort is a combination of tropical views of the beautiful vast coastlines of the Caribbean and stupendous white-sand beaches. Live easy and enjoy your stay at the Hard Rock with its hammock containing large balconies, private bar areas, hot pools, and whirlpool tubs. You can also enjoy the finest dining experience with over 12 different kinds of cuisines that have separate facilities for adults and teens. The hotel also incorporates a fitness room and a market for people who want to go for a stroll or exercise for a change. Special arrangements can be made for snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water-sport activities.

Vidanta Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya, because of its natural beauty and oceanic splendor, is home to some of the best hotels and resorts in the world. Vidanta Riviera Maya, a resort that spreads over more than 1000 acres of land is one of the top-5 holiday resorts in Eastern Mexico. Swarming with the best quality features such as private bars, night clubs, adult only private beaches, and suite sized resorts the Vidanta Riviera Maya offers a lifetime experience. Vidanta contains more than 15 dining options to light up your taste buds, along with a professional-level fitness gym and a golf course to ensure a calorie balance for your body during the stay. Vidanta is also very famous for hosting JOYA a circus by the Cirque du Soleil entertainment company and the amazing Jungala Aqua Experience.

Riu Palace Riviera Maya

A guide to Riviera Maya

Situated with all its magnificence on the stupefying white-sand beach in Playa del Carmen, the Riu Palace Riviera Maya is a 24-hour vacation resort. Famous for its unique outlook of a Palace, the Riu Palace Hotel provides the best holiday experience. The hotel offers 24/7 Wifi service, free parking for the whole stay, air-conditioned rooms, private minibars, and much more that adds up to an unforgettable experience. Apart from its physical activities and 10 different refreshing culinary options, the Palace is very-well known for its live entertainment programs provided through live shows and stage music. During your stay at the resort, exclusive trips to the Xcaret, Xel-Ha Parks, and the Island of Cozumel can be arranged with complete facilities. Another star attraction of the Riu Palace Hotel is the get-together party hosted by the Hotel Riu Tequila, an experience, which will make your stay at this resort the best time of your life.

Mayan Palace Riviera Maya

A guide to Riviera Maya

A touch of antiquity and awe is what is needed in your trip to make it an unforgettable one. The Mayan Palace of Riviera Maya is just the kind of comfort that you need to enrich your trip with much more fun. Greeted by a Mayan Obelisk, your stay at the Mayan Palace Hotel contains 24/7 free Wifi, colorful interior decorations, and Mayan themed rooms and balconies. You can enjoy private pools, minibars, and several different cuisines of your choice. The Mayan Palace Hotel is situated near the beach on a lush green land to add up a wholesome outdoor experience to your trip. The hotel is famous for its entertainment high side provided through a series of Mayan based live theatres, animation sequences, and music sessions. Another exclusive feature of the hotel is that you can arrange free shuttles for your goodbye trips to the airport.

Barcelo Riviera Maya

A guide to Riviera Maya
Hall Barcelo Colonial

Located in the face of the mighty Caribbean, the Barcelo Maya Riviera is an adult-only vacation resort in the Riviera Maya. This hotel is not only the best spot to spend your vacation but also is one of the best places to hold group gatherings and conventions since it has more than 850 rooms of Junior Suite and large Suite categories. Attached to large balconies and fantastic sea views, the hotel offers private swimming pools which are further decorated with premium-level luxury and services. The crown attraction of this hotel is its Convention Centre which is one of the best convention centers in the Riviera Maya and has a holding capacity of up to 8000 people, best for arranging large gatherings and events. With a variety of restaurants offering different cuisines in the form of a buffet, the Barcelo Hotel is the best spot to fulfill your nature-driven and food cravings.

The Grand Mayan Riviera

A guide to Riviera Maya








The Grand Mayan Riviera Hotel is a part of a magnificent resort complex. Just a few minutes away from the El Manglar Golf Course and the Cirque du Soleil Theatre, this hotel is a heaven for people who wish for luxury, nature, and entertainment altogether. With premium-level rooms containing high-quality TV sets, minibars, and balconies the hotel provides a 24/7 satiated service to its customers. The hotel contains private pools, spas, and massage parlors along with the best culinary experts at your service.

Riviera Maya Weather Forecast

A guide to Riviera Maya

Before you head on and prepare for the trip of your lifetime to Riviera Maya it is very important to know the ground realities of the weather over there. The Riviera Maya experiences two seasons over the years the rainy season and the dry season with former one from May to October and latter from October to April. The temperatures in the Riviera Maya are very high subjected to very high humidity in the region.

The clouds and rain in the Riviera Maya are unpredictable. The storm arrives fast and the winds blow it away even faster returning the sun at your service. However, what is predictable and stays are the mosquitoes. Mosquitoes in this region are unforgiving and it is very important to pack your essentials accordingly. Another not-so-common phenomenon of the Riviera Maya is the hurricane that is most likely to pay a visit around June and November. Nevertheless, whatever the weather may be, you can always make the most of your trip. All you need to do is to know the right spots to visit during the weather turns. Riviera Maya is teeming with underground caves, muddy jungles, and dry spots that you can visit to make the most of your rainy day without wasting a second of fun.

The star-attraction of the Mexican Caribbean coastline, Riviera Maya is one of the most famous tourist destinations. It is one of the world’s top resorts and vacation areas in the world. The underground caves, a series of eye-catching stalactites, and the zip-lining adventures of the open-mouth caves are what makes Riviera Maya the brilliant holiday destination. The weather here is a blend of humidity, rainfalls, and tropical hurricanes. However, if you visit this place around March and April you will have the best time of your life in these luxurious and self-sufficient resorts with low rain and mild temperatures.

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