September 23, 2021
Santa Marta Colombia

Santa Marta Colombia – Ultimate Traveler’s Guide

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The 4th largest urban city in the Caribbean region of Colombia, Santa Marta has a lot to offer for tourists. As a result, the economy of this city is based on tourism and trade. Santa Marta should be on the list of every traveler who aspires to travel around the world. Above all, It is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. If you are planning to visit Santa Marta, then this article will prove to be the perfect traveler guide for you.

Things to do in Santa Marta

Here are some of the ideas of the things to do in Santa Marta, which you will not regret doing. Gear up! As we are going to dive into the wonders of the beautiful city.

Tayrona National Park

Santa Marta Columbia

Tayrona National Park attracts a great number of tourists. Therefore, you can’t miss the lush green landscape with biodiversity. The park is located on the coast and has mountains, forests, and beaches nearby. Take out some time and spend a night there, rent a tent, and breathe in the fresh air.

  • Museo Del Oro Tairona

Santa Marta Columbia

This beautiful part of Santa Marta is one of the top tourist destinations. It is an unexpected cultural addition in Santa Marta. The Tayrona Gold museum marks the significant details and stories of history. It will also brief you about the ecological importance of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. All we can say is, it is a must-visit place.

  • Minca

Santa Marta columbia

Minca is also among one of the top tourist destinations in Santa Marta. You will be close to nature at this place. The organic coffee farms and the process of harvesting a unique experience. Jungle hikes make this place even more fascinating. Feel the nature in this beautiful picturesque location. The breathtaking waterfalls are the highlight. Dive in the waters of Marinka and Pozo Azul and refresh yourself.

  • Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino

Santa Marta Columbia

You cannot complete your tourist activities without visiting this place. Certainly, the stunning monument of the liberator of South Africa will leave you mesmerized. As a result, you can not pass by without honoring and admiring this monument.

  • Parque de Los Novios

Santa Marta Columbia

This place is the perfect depiction of the local life of Santa Marta. The restaurants are the main element that attracts tourists here. It is the ideal place to spend your afternoon in the shady trees. You can also start your nightlife in Santa Marta from here.

  • Eating Like a Local

Make sure to taste the local street foods and the local vibes in other corners of the world. The local food vendors have packed the streets of Santa Marta. You cannot get this cheap and delicious food in any other corner of Santa Marta. Lobsters, Ceviche, and fresh fruits are the highlight. You can also get a fried potato, fried fish, Arroz de coco, and other items in very economical rates

The Weather of Santa Marta, Colombia

Santa Marta Columbia

The average temperature of Santa Marta varies between 75°F to 89°F. The dry season in Santa Marta is partly cloudy and hot. The place is windy all over the year and the wet season is generally outcasted. It’s very rare that temperature drops to 73°F or escalate above 92°F. You should keep all the forecasts and the average weather of Santa Marta in mind. Remember the best time to experience the wonders of this place is from late December to mid-March.

Safety of Santa Marta Columbia

Columbia and Santa Marta have a history of crimes but the good news is that the rate of crimes and homicides is decreasing. Santa Marta is a safe place to visit altogether, but, you can be a victim of street crime. You can follow some tips and you are good to go.

  • Don’t flash and leave your precious and valuable items in public.
  • You should not prefer walking on foot at night.
  • Avoid bad neighborhoods.
  • Use ATMs only in grocery stores and malls.
  • Be careful of fake police.
  • Don’t leave your drinks unattended in the public.
  • Don’t carry a large amount of money and valuable possessions.

Santa Marta Columbia Real Estate

Santa Marta Columbia

If you plan to visit Santa Marta, then it is advised to look for real estate. There are many houses and properties for sale and you can look for them. Online sites can also be your savior in that case. By surfing the online websites you can find the house of your own liking and in your budget as well.

The Population of Santa Marta, Columbia

Like other countries, the population of Santa Marta is also increasing every year. The residents of Santa Marta are approximately 527,206 as of now.

Hotels in Santa Marta Columbia

There are many hotels in Santa Marta. You can book them before your visit through any online website. Choose the one that is affordable and comfortable as well. You can find hotels in every price in Santa Marta. We are listing some of the best hotels here as well.

Hotel Boutique Casa Carolina

A Guide to Santa Marta

The Hotel Boutique Casa Carolina offers some of the best services. It has an outdoor swimming pool, rooftop hot tubs, and spas. It offers an amazing breakfast and has good customer service as well.

Hotel Boutique Marbore

A guide to Santa Marta

It is an affordable hotel with good services. It is located in the center of the city. All the rooms are equipped with air-conditioned and private bathrooms.  It’s just perfect, given the price and your requirements.

Nightlife in Santa Marta Columbia

This place has multiple opportunities to enjoy the best nightlife in Santa Marta. Lots of foreigners and the chatty locals make the nightlife interesting. We will tell you the best nightlife spots in Santa Marta

La Brisa Loca, El Centro

This is the go-to place for the best nightlife in Santa Marta. The rooftop bar and the dance club here is a delight on weekends. The place is highly recommended.

La Puerta, El Centro:

The travelers and locals both prefer this place for spending amazing nightlife. You can get the best clubby vibes of Santa Marta here. Also, the beers are very cheap. What else do you want?

Crabs’ Bar, El Centro

It is a dive bar with rock music. Its the perfect place to start the best nightlife in Santa Marta. The locals and the people are very friendly here.

La Azotea, El Centro

This bar is a bit expensive but it gives welcoming and luxurious vibes for tourists.

El Mirador, Taganga

It is the best rumba in the town for all the right reasons. The breathtaking harbor views are a delight. The partying late-night crowd makes the place one of the best options.

La Escollera,El Rodadero

The place guarantees an epic night but you have to invest a little. Check the place if you have some extra cash in your pocket.

One Day in Santa Marta

Santa Marta is a small city but one day is not enough to explore the beauty and marvelousness of this land. It has a lot of tourist destinations, which you can’t conquer in a day. However, we are bringing some of the things that you can do in a day.

Do Scuba Diving in Taganga

Scuba diving is one of the most fascinating things to do in Santa Marta. You can visit Taganga for a different experience of Scuba Diving. It’s a tiny fishing village. Tourists love the laidback small-town vibe. It is a unique experience of Santa Marta, which you cannot find anywhere else in Columbia.

Wander the Historic City Centre

It is one of the interesting things to do in Santa Marta. The historic city center is worthy of a walk. You can see and admire the beauty of Catedral de Santa Marta; the oldest cathedral. You can also wander around the colorful architecture and the old homes nearby.

Restaurants in a Day

Only one day and you want to try the best food? Visit Ikaro Café and Entre Cuates Mexican Restaurant for some good food. You can also opt for street food. Ikaro Café has a good ambiance. Enjoy the local food sitting by the pond. While Entre Cuates is a treat with a charming atmosphere and colorful walls. They have tables, which have swings as chair. A unique experience! Isn’t it?

Bars in a Day

If you can’t experience the nightlife in Santa Marta, go for Hemingway bar and Beer Town. They offer the best beers at affordable rates.

Running in Santa Marta

Running tours are available in Santa Marta.

La Ciudad Perdida Trek

A guide to Santa Marta

Its also known as the “Lost City”. The people who love hiking can go and enjoy the natural earthy vibes of this place. Tayrona people built this ancient settlement, deep in the coastal jungles. The Spanish arrived and they abandoned the settlement. The remains include fascinating stone terraces, stairs, and walkways.

If you are willing to walk on foot then you must go and visit this place. While walking you will come across hot, muddy, and steep slogs. So consequently, the walk is difficult but the results are worthy of any difficulty. You can take some adventurous running tours here as well.

The Airport in Santa Marta, Columbia

The airport that serves Santa Marta is known as Simón Bolívar International Airport. Most importantly, the center of the city is only 30 minutes away from the airport. It is very easy to get there. The bus stop is at the right of the airport and you can catch any bus.

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Beaches in Santa Marta

There are so many beaches in Santa Marta. Therefore, you can’t miss visiting them.

Santa Marta Bay

A Guide to santa marta

It is one of the most famous beaches in Santa Marta. You can bathe here and go for a hike along the Broadwalk. There are craft shops as well. The sunset is a treat of this beach.

  • Playa Cristal

A guide to Santa Marta

The crystal clear water and the white sand defines this beach. Definitely, you can do snorkeling here.

  • Rodadero

A guide to santa Marta

Swimming and Kayaking are the most popular sports on this beach. The activities at night make it unique.

Shopping in Santa Marta

Basically, Shopping is one of the most important things tourists like to do. It helps them memorialize their trips. Santa Marta has shopping malls that give the best offers.

Centro Commercial Zazua Plaza

It is a nice cozy mall where you can stroll around. The supermarkets and shops present here are unique. Tourists can found a diverse variety of food. The place is highly recommended.

Centro Comercial Buenavista

You can buy a range of clothes from here. Most importantly, Cinema and restaurants are also available in this commercial center. As a result, it is a secure mall with a good parking place as well.

Ocean Mall

You can find everything here. This mall is perfect for tourists as it has a lot of shops having local crafts.


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