January 23, 2022
sekumpul waterfalls

Sekumpul Waterfall Entrance Fee || Height

Sekumpul Waterfall is the regular leader of 6 to 7 tight waterfalls that are the focal point of a rich, green, bamboo woodland valley. The waterfall is taken care of by two waterways and is probably the biggest supply of different waterfalls in the district.


sekumpul waterfall about
sekumpul waterfall about

Situated in the town of Sabkul in Sawan District, Bali’s Waterfall offers a noteworthy image of seven waterfalls. In the nearby language, Sekumpul signifies “gathering” or “plural”. The high bluffs separate the seven waterfalls, each with alternate tallness and waterfall. The most extreme tallness of Sekumpul Waterfall is 262 feet or 80 meters.

A few years ago, these waterfalls were accessible only to locals, and very few tourists came. However, in the last few years, it has gained a lot of popularity. A trip to this place offers you amazing views of the rain-filled with coffee and cocoa trees. Even if you plan to see Sekumpul Waterfall without guidance, you won’t miss much. Facebook Page

What to expect at Sekumpul Waterfall

Sekumpful Waterfall, likewise referred to locally as the Air Terjun Sekumpul, is maybe the most renowned of the multitude of waterfalls in Bali. Just as its excellent view, its unimaginable statures make it a remarkable visit. As far as we might be concerned, it’s a throw among Waterfall and Nungnung for our #1 waterfall in Bali.

expect at Sekumpul Waterfall
expect at Sekumpul Waterfall

So to arrive at Sekumpful, as referenced prior, continue to follow the guide until you hit a picture that resembles the one underneath. If you start at the north entrance, it is a short distance from the point before the ticketing booth. From there you can take an easy 10-minute walk to one of Bali’s best waterfalls.

Sekumpul Waterfall Entrance Fee

Like Bali’s normal attractions, look at Sekumpul Waterfall where a little town stall pays 20,000 IDR. A neighborhood journeying affiliation offers direction tracks in the district and cautions that on the off chance that you don’t utilize the aide, it’s your own danger.

Arriving at the initial twelve falls would not be simple, yet our aide was useful in assisting us with exploring the course and different pieces of numerous streams to different pieces of different banners in light of the fact that the path was not really clear.  Costs for bunch evaluates to four trackers are cited at 1.5 million IDR for a short track, 200,000 IDR for a medium track, and 350,000 IDR for a long track.

Sekumpul Waterfall Height

It is around 100 meters high and is otherwise called Gromongong Waterfalls. It isn’t the lone waterfall that draws water. In any case, two waterfalls are streaming quickly.

Because of the tallness, we can partake in the waterfalls from a remote place prior to entering the waterfall region.

Sekumpul Waterfall Height
Sekumpul Waterfall Height

Expansion in Sekumpul Waterfall

Stowed away in the thick wildernesses of northern Bali, the waterfall is a great work of nature. Truth be told, there are 5 or 6 waterfalls in a similar valley. The twin waterfalls can likewise be found after the focal heart is connected.

What would we be able to see during the Sekumpul Waterfall Trek?

Sekumpul Waterfall Trek
Sekumpul Waterfall Trek

In this traveling visit, you will go through numerous neighborhood individuals’ homes, sanctuaries, verifiable landmarks, wonderful rice fields and you will see many organic product trees around the towns. It worked out that individuals around the space like to plant trees. It will influence you. There are ropes and rambutan trees all over. Subsequent to strolling for five minutes, we could see a few waterfalls somewhere far off. Delightful! There is an aggregate of seven waterfalls around this space.

At last, before we arrive at the foundation of the twin waterfalls, you will cross a stream and trip somewhat through the woodland. You can swim and play around the foundation of the Twin Waterfall.

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