September 22, 2021
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Things to do In Italy – Unique Unusual place to go

Things to do in venise ItalyItaly is famous for its uniqueness and its intricate architecture. We all know about the delicious foods and cuisines of Italy. The place also has contributed greatly to art and architecture. The literature and films are also very famous and hence Italy attracts several tourists every year. Here are some of the unique things to do in Italy.

Adventurous Things to do in Italy

Given below are some of the top amazing and fascinating ideas of doing adventures in Italy.

Explore Caves in La Marche

Explore Caves in La Marche

The caves of La Marche are undoubtedly one of the most spectacular caves in the country. These multiple caves are an interesting adventure to explore. One of the underground caverns has the 5th largest church inside it. You can also visit Grotte di Frasassi. It allows you to have virtual tours of the caves. It is a cool but adventurous exploration.

Visit Hiking in the Dolomites Italy

Hiking in the Dolomites

The Dolomites is a place that you would want to return. The majestic mountains give you an adrenaline rush. You can ski, and go kayaking as well. The place also offers snowboarding and biking. You can do the hiking by yourself or can even hire a guide. If you love challenges and want to try something new, then this place is a must-visit for you.

Climb Active Volcanoes in Sicily

Climb Active Volcanoes in Sicily

As the name suggests, this activity is one of the most adventurous activities in Sicily. Everybody should experience climbing active volcanoes. You will never forget this one of the best adventures in Italy. You can enjoy the breathtaking views from above sea level. A walking tour is also included in the trip. The lava shooting in the night, up in the sky will leave you mesmerized.

Paragliding in the Colorful Valleys of Italy

Climb Active Volcanoes in Sicily

Castellucio and Umbria are the highest villages in the Apennines. The cities filled with flowers and colorful valleys are beautiful enough to admire. Paragliding here is a delight because the stunning views here are surely a treat to eyes.

Visit Heli-Skiing in Piedmont

This place is for people who love extreme adventures. Italy has smooth lush alps that are ‘just’ perfect for heli-skiing. You can ski in Valle Stura, which is one of the amazing attractions in Italy.

Experience Sail in a Hot Air Balloon

Things to do in Italy

As if all of these adventurous activities were not enough, Tuscany has brought you the hot air balloons. The best way to explore Tuscany is sailing in the hot air balloon. Fly like a bird and get a beautiful view of the Italian countryside. Take an hour’s flight at an altitude of 2000 feet and feel the sensation of adventure and beauty.

Enjoy Diving into a Floating Pool

Lake Como Floating Pool

Swimming in a floating pool is a dream for many and this dream can come true in Italy. Visit the Lake Como and it will surely take your breath away. It is one of the best tourist destinations in Italy and diving into the floating pool here will be an unforgettable experience.

Do Kayaking in Naples

Things to do in Italy

Out of all the places in Italy, when it comes to adventure, we should never forget Kayaking in Naples. We know it’s an odd place to choose for kayaking, but adventure lies in uniqueness. You can do Kayaking in the open water in Naples. The stunning views of caves are a beautiful sight.  Also, You can explore the Procida Island and Faraglioni di Capri; a famous rock formation here.

Unusual Things to do in Italy

Italy is a wonderful destination and undoubtedly beautiful. The fascinating places and the stunning views make Italy one of its kind. Here is the list of unusual things to do in Italy. These things will surely change your aspect of seeing Italy.

Enjoy Slow Food Cheese Festival

Things to do in Italy

This place is for food lovers all over the world. The Cheese Festival has many eateries as well as foodies. You can enjoy the good local food at this festival. You can also get to know about good food.

Visit Arte Sella place

Things to do in Italy

It is an open-air museum in the gorgeous mountains of Venato. It’s a blend of local artist’s work and the natural landscapes. Logs, twigs, etc are used in making the designs of Art Sella. The artists wove them with living plants and trees. It’s one of the unique places to visit in Italy.

Try Il Vecio Piave Restaurant

It is a seafood restaurant located between Venice and Jesolo. The restaurant is next to a shooting range making it more unusual. It has the interior of taxidermied animals. Waiters wear black shirts here, giving a paranormal vibe. But, the food here is insanely delicious that you will be unable to control your appetite.

Enjoy Carezza Lake

Things to do in Italy

Carezza Lake has many unusual myths attached to it. The lake is famous because of the story of the fairytale. The fairytale goes like “A beautiful nymph, a detached love affair, and a magic spell that involves rainbow…” The lake glows with many beautiful colors. If you are in Turkey, make sure to visit this lake, and you will not regret your decision.

Try the threads of God

If you are worrying, what is this, it is the world’s rarest and unusual pasta. It is made by three women for the biannual Feast of San Francesco. You should try it but every amazing thing has some cost. To try this pasta, you have to walk a lot before getting to taste it.

Visist the Libreria Acqua Alta

Things to do in Italy

You guessed it right. This unique library is found in Venice. They keep their books in waterproof basins and tubs in one-room. They are ready for the flooding of Venice. It is one of the unusual places to visit in Italy.

Map of Italy

Map of Italy

Italy is situated in South-Central Europe surrounded by several islands. It is also considered as a section of Western Europe. Italy has an area of 116,350 sq mi. It shares its borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, and the microstates of Vatican City and San Marino.

Non-touristy Things to do in Italy

Italy has many famous tourist spots, but how about visiting non-touristy spots? Yes! They are fun. Here are some of the non-touristy things that you can do in Italy.

Visit the Universita Di Bologna

Things to do in Italy

Who visits the university on a trip? But, you should. This is a place worth seeing because the place is close to Hogwarts in Harry Potter. This campus was founded in the 11th century. A person who loves history must pay a visit there.

Learn about Perugina In Perugia

Things to do in Italy

Italy’s tour without food is incomplete. Take some time out and visit Perugina. It is a company that makes chocolates and truffles. The intimate factory tour will amaze you. Don’t forget to taste a spoonful of chocolaty heaven.

Eating at Local Streets

Things to do in Italy

Trying the food from local streets seem unusual and non-touristy. Yet, its the most touristy thing you can do. The local streets tell you more about the country then the museums and centers. Street Food describes Italy most authentically. You must give it a try.

Dancing in Local Clubs

Things to do in Italy

Rome is the best place to experience local clubs. You can try Coffee Pot, Toy Room, and Alcazar. Shake your bodies on the music of these bars. Enjoy the cheapest bears and good food. You can also go to the boat part at Lian Club. You will feel the true essence of Italy in these bars.

Expensive Things to do in Italy

Live a billionaire’s life in Italy and try some of the expensive things in Italy. Here are some of the expensive yet amazing ideas to do in Italy.

Sleep like a Roman Emperor

Things to do in Italy

Rent a five-star private suite along with a gym in luxury hotels in Italy. You can find many of the wonderful luxury hotels in any of the cities in Italy, be it Rome, Venice or Florence. You can experience all sorts of luxuries here. However, it all comes with a mighty price.

Party with the Stars in the Emerald Coast

Things to do in Italy

It is one of the world-famous and best tourist destinations in Italy. Party in the Emerald Coast like there is no tomorrow. The VIP lounge of nightclubs here is filled with stars. Get a chance to meet Leonardo De Caprio, Beyonce, Naomi Campbell, or any other. There are some hotel resorts and golf clubs as well.

Relax at Exclusive Spas

Things to do in Italy

The spa experience in Italy is high-level. Get yourself pampered in the exclusive spas of Italy. The luxurious spas in Italy will spoil you like nowhere else. Your body and mind will feel relaxed and calm after getting the spa treatment here.

Drive a Formula One Car on a Real Grand Prix Circuit

Things to do in Italy

Italy gives you the opportunity of driving luxurious cars. You can test your ultimate driving skills here. You will enjoy being a formula one-driver here, be it, Ferrari or Lamborghini. Drive them in the real Grand Prix circuits in Monza, Imola, Mugello, or Misano.

Best Hotels you can visit in Italy

Italy hosts masses of tourists every year. The hotels are luxurious and affordable. You can surf them on online sites.  Also, book them before your visit. Here are some of the best hotels to enjoy your holidays in Italy.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Things to do in Italy

This hotel is decorated lavishly, having rooms, which are decorated with paintings. The rooms here are luxuriously furnished. You can also have a garden or lake view from your rooms.

Hotel Caesar Augustus

It was once the villa of Russian Prince. The place has now been converted into a five-star hotel with some wonderful views. The hotel has private areas and a beach club as well.

Villa d’Este

Things to do in Italy

It has some nice traditional and elegant vibes. The wide hallways and amazing sculptures are the delights. The hotel is furnished with paintings and antiques. There is also a beauty spa and sports club. You can enjoy all the indoor activities here. Also, go sailing and watersports on the lake here.

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