January 23, 2022

Things to know before Visit Mexico: Attractions, Beaches, Climate

Things to know before to Visit Mexico city

Mexico is one of the top countries whose tourism has occupied a significant place in the international tourism. As a result, there are things to know before to visit Mexico. Promoted as an industry without backdrops, tourism in Mexico has been the foremost priority for the Mexican Government. Containing within itself numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites, Mexico is home to ancient ruins, cities with colonial pasts, and the world-famous public and private Mexican architecture. At the beginning of the 19th-century, Mexico attracted a great number of visitors through its cultural festivals, emerging street life, and newly-built vacation beach resorts. Mexico has a mixed European and Mesoamerican culture, which serves as a major attraction for the people.

According to the World Tourism Organization, Mexico remained one of the most visited countries. Mexico occupied this position in the world for a very long time. The second-most visited country in the Americas after the United States of America, Mexico has been listed as the 6th most visited country in terms of tourism. Since 2011, the country has experienced an increase in the number of tourists every year. Mexico experienced an increase of 5% in tourism in 2018 in comparison to tourism in 2017. It is estimated that Cancun alone gathers about 2.08 million visitors every year. If planning your trip, there is a lot of things to know before to visit Mexico.

When to Visit Mexico

Things to know before to Visit Mexico

Mexico City is situated at a height of about 7400ft above sea level. The weather is warm and mildly cold throughout the year. The best time, however, to visit Mexico City is in the spring between March and May. At this time of the year, the city is swarming with tourists and locals who are out there enjoying the pleasant vibes of the city. It is undoubtedly the best time if you wish to enjoy both outdoor and indoor activities together.

The March-May spring duration in Mexico City is neither too hot nor too cold and is a little bit dry. However, another vote of confidence for visiting Mexico during this time of the year is from the various cultural and holiday activities happening in the city. One thing to know before visiting Mexico, If you wish to enjoy the mesmerizing blend of multi-culturalism,  and outdoor trips, spring is without any doubt the best time to visit Mexico.

Things to Do in Mexico

Thing to do in mexico

Mexico City is one of the oldest and most important cities in the Americas. Technically there are a lot of things to know before to visit Mexico. It Reflecting the times of Aztec Civilizations, Spanish subjugations, and the modern Mexican Revolution. This city has a lot to offer to its visitors. This city is also very famous for its relishing outdoor activities that include trips to natural reserves, museums, parks, architectural sites, and beaches just to name a few.

For those who enjoy the culturist city festivals, one thing to know before visiting Mexico, this city is no less than heaven hosting numerous festivals like Centro Historico and Feast of San Antonio Abad throughout the year. From notable national celebrations to outdoor activities to cultural festivals to private tours to much more, there is so much to see and do at this city that it would take a great deal of planning if you are willing to explore every bit of Mexico.

Luis Barragan House and Studio

Things to know before to Visit Mexico- luis bargan house

In Mexico’s Hidalgo District the house and studio of the famous architect Luis Barragan are now converted into the museum. People who have an eye for architecture and color will love to visit this place and see the artist’s work on light, color, texture, and shadows. This place has a wonderful ambiance, which attracts a large number of tourists here.

Juarez City

Things to know before to Visit Mexico - Juarez city

Juarez is a neighborhood in Mexico, which now adds to the charm of Mexico’s city life. The area incorporates bars, parks, shopping centers, and restaurants that offer the best culinary experience of the Mexican-Indian cuisine.

Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico

Things to know before to Visit Mexico - Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico

Started as a shopping store in 1899, the building has now become a hotel, which is famous for its stupefying interior. The hotel’s main charm is the replica of Paris’s Le Bon Marche staircase and several people visit the hotel not only to stay but to enjoy the splendor of its historical architecture.

The Weather of Mexico City

Things to know before to Visit Mexico - weather-mexico-weather

The weather in Mexico is different all over the year due to its position. It sits on an elevation of around 7400 feet above the sea level. However, the temperature is fairly at ease around the year, but during the winter temperature can reach freezing points in the morning as well as night. Mexico experiences its share of rain during the summers. Luckily the rains do not reach a point of paralyzing your trip. Some important things to know before to visit Mexico are the fact that Mexico experiences four seasons. The temperatures in Fahrenheit are mostly as given below.

  • Winter (December to February): Low 40 – Low 70
  • Spring (March to June): Mid 40 – High 70
  • Summer (July to September): Mid 50 – Low 70
  • Autumn (October to November): Low 50 – Low 70

The humidity is different at every location. To have a hassle-free relishing trip to Mexico, you need to pack your clothes according to the season you are planning to take your trip in. Taking a broader view of Mexico’s weather, it becomes clear that the weather throughout the year is such that outdoor activities can be made to the places of your choice with complete precautions.

The Weather of Cancun

Things to know before to Visit Mexico - cancun

Cancun is a Mexican city on the Yucatan Peninsula running along with the Caribbean Sea. It is one of the most famous holiday destinations in Mexico. The city is known for its grand hotels and luxurious resorts. Cancun is a holiday destination for the complete year due to its ideal weather. The weather in Cancun is mostly sunny for around 250 days of the year with the exceptions of cloudy days, both kinds of weather are suitable for holiday activities.

Although, the best time to travel to Cancun is between December and April during the fall as the temperature is mildly hot. This also the best time for enjoying outdoor activities. The summer in Cancun is very humid with temperatures rising to 35 degrees Celsius. The hurricane seasons make it way near June and mid of October. Luckily the storms of Cancun have not been so destructive for a long time. The storm is usually predictable; a safety alarm is given to the people.  Due to these protocols, your trip would not be affected by these storms.

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The Rainy Season of Mexico


It is very easy to predict a thunderstorm in Mexico; you will start to feel the air becoming cooler, the speed of the wind will rise, and the dark clouds will take over the sky. However, the rain can sometimes take on deceptive appearances and take a strike at your holiday plans. Another thing to know before visiting Mexico is most of the areas in Mexico have satiated drainage systems, but some areas still get flooded. If you had planned for a road-trip the same way it would be best to take precautions according to the situation of the city. When the storm becomes a past, the weather of Mexico is rejuvenated as the air starts to feel better, the essence of nature is at its best.

The rain does not hit all parts of Mexico. Usually, the jungle regions, mountain regions, and the coastal regions to the South receive these rainfalls. Mexico City has tried to make the most out of these rains as it offers different activities and road-trips to its visitors during this season. For those visiting the Copper Canyon and the Chiapas, this is the best time of the year to experience Mexico in lily bloom. The coastal regions are not interrupted much due to the rains and people visiting them continue to enjoy their day getting tanned at the beach. They also enjoy the white sandy beaches only with a little bit of scheduling.

When to Visit Cancun


Cancun is a year-wide holiday destination that always has something to offer to its visitors. No matter what time of the year it is. To enjoy the weather of Cancun with the perfect blend of sun and rain it is best to visit from the end of December till April. These months have mildly warm day times perfect for going to the beach and cooler night-times to enjoy the night-life.

Cancun offers the best holiday deals, resort discounts, and cuisine vouchers during October and November since they are considered as the hurricane season. Cancun is the best holiday destination for you and your family if you schedule your trip near April and June. It is best for taking family trips to the ancient Maya Civilization caves, adventure parks, and Jungle terrain.

Best Hotels in Mexico


Mexico City is not only famous for its lifestyle and holiday destinations. It also offers some of the best accommodations in the world. This is one of the things to know before to Visit Mexico. From world-class branded hotels to local hotels enriched in architecture, Mexico has the best options for your trip. Every area has its unique style of hotels, but some of the best hotels in Mexico city are mentioned below.

Hotel Zocalo Centro

Hotel Zocalo Centro is a boutique hotel, situated in the nucleus of the city. Luxurious open-roof restaurant, with the best cuisines and a mesmerizing view that makes your stay even better. Massage rooms, private spas, and massage-pools at your service waiting to brighten up your day.

Stara Hamburgo

A hotel famous for its magnificent townhouse-architecture and woodwork, the Stara Hamburgo Hotel is just what your trip needs. Over 10 cuisines, nature facing balconies, spas, and infinity pools, this hotel is undoubtedly a complete holiday package.

The Red Tree House

Built on the theme of a piano, the Red Tree House Hotel is one of its kind. It is more like your second-home with flawless 24/7 room service, free Wifi, minibar, and artsy rooms. With a lounge-sitting by the fireplace, it allows you to mingle with others writing much more to your memory than just places.

Definitely concerning things to know before visiting Mexico, one of the most highlighted periods of visiting Mexico in December and January. Not only because of the chilly-cozy weather it provides but experiencing the peculiarity of Mexico during Christmas is an unforgettable experience. The city is decorated with Christmas trees, lights, and various ornaments. No wonder Mexico City has a large number of tourists visiting it annually. The treasure of culture, nature, history has made Mexico a holiday destination with people arriving from all over the world.

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