January 23, 2022
Timber Falls Indoor Waterpark

Timber falls indoor waterpark near me

Timber falls indoor waterpark is a wonderful spot. At the point when it’s past – 2 degrees, the last thing you need to consider is a bathing suit game – except if you’re at the Tan-Tar-A hotel in Lake Ozark, Missouri. 

Half a month prior, my seat chief Jesse and I went through the end of the week at Lake Ozark, Missouri, and our stop list was Timber Falls Water Park. Our four youngsters love water and I have discovered swimming to be the most ideal approach to dispose of kids. Truly! The three-story desert treehouse at Timber Falls Indoor Waterpark has water blaster focuses and a six-foot-wide wooden can. Out of the blue, pour in excess of 600 gallons of water on individuals remaining underneath. 

Timber Falls Indoor water park
Indoor water park


Offspring, everything being equal, will approach these highlights:

  1. 600 feet water slide 
  2. Movement pool with water b-ball and the sky is the limit from there 
  3. Whirlpool with 21 seats 
  4. Moderate waterway for tube swimming 
  5. Concessions in storage spaces, cookout seating, and feasting offices
Timber Falls Indoor Waterparks
Timber Falls Indoor Water parks

Opening Hours

  1. Sunday           Open 0-24
  2. Monday          Open 0-24
  3. Tuesday         Open 0-24
  4. Wednesday   Open 0-24
  5. Thursday       Open 0-24
  6. Friday             Open 0-24
  7. Saturday       Open 0-24

Recreation Prices 

Contact Details

Tan-Tar-A Estates

  1. 490 Tan Tar A DriveOsage BeachMissouri 65065
  2. Phone: 573-348-8594
  3. Fax: 573-348-3206
  4. Reservations: 1-800-826-8272
  5. Email: information@MVResortLakeoftheOzarks.com

Website:    TAN TAR A

Timber Falls Indoor Waterpark
Timber Falls Indoor Water park

The two more established young ladies went directly to the huge slides. I think they landed many occasions on each slide. They saw me and showed me out. The two-year-old adored the little slides and we’re certain she’s protected. My greatest dread was the monster pail that splashed water on individuals remaining under it, however, it jumped at the chance to get wet.

The six-year-old cherished the little slides yet were hesitant to attempt the large ones. She ultimately convinced my mom (me) to do likewise. I’m not a major aficionado of slides, you can most likely easily list off the number of slides I’ve made myself. Notwithstanding, I set my apprehensions to the side and we hit the enormous slide – and endure. Be that as it may, I think we hit the water at 25 miles each hour. We nearly slipped to the edge of the lake! He was all giggling and imploring me to go once more. Furthermore, I did. 

Timber Falls Indoor waterparks
Timber Falls Indoor waterparks

We went through around three hours in the Timber falls indoor waterpark. More seasoned kids could go through the entire day, yet two-year-olds required great ones.

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