January 23, 2022
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Top Travel Destinations in Tokyo: Best Sightseeing Spots

The Japanese Capital, Tokyo, is the world’s most populous metropolitan city. The city never ceases to enchant the travelers coming from the world. The true essence of Japan reflects here. With a vast array of galleries, parks, shopping malls, and intricate buildings. Most importantly, the very famous Sakura Japan Festival is the best in the city of Tokyo. Tokyo has a wide range of eateries and restaurants. They serve authentic Japanese food and culinary delicacies from all corners of the world. In this post, we’ve prepared a list of the Top travel destinations in Tokyo. Let’s get into it!

1. The Imperial Palace

Top Travel Destinations in Tokyo, The Imperial Palace Tokyo

The Imperial Palace is the most important tourist attraction in Tokyo.

Key features

  • Parks that date back to the 17th century, surround the Imperial Palace.
  • A very famous Nijubashi Bridge leads to the interior of the palace.
  • A wall as thick as two meters guards the entire palace and the gates.
  • The tour of the Imperial Palace includes the Kikyo-mon gate, Someikan, Fujimi-Yagura, and the Seimon-tetsubashi bridge.

2. Top travel destinations in Tokyo, Ginza District

Top Travel Destinations in Tokyo, Ginza District Tokyo

Ginza District is the top marketplace in Tokyo.

Key features

  • It is chock full of boutiques, restaurants, and sushi bars.
  • There are stunningly lit pubs and souvenir shops. They will easily make your money flow.
  • Also, there are sushi and ramen stops in almost every corner of the Ginza District.
  • A closer look and a guided tour through the alleyways will let you discover some of the hidden gems of Tokyo.
  • Most importantly, a guided three-hour tour will unravel some of the great architectural intricacies of Tokyo.

3. The Senso-Ji Temple

Top Travel Destinations in Tokyo, The Senso-Ji Temple

It is the most visited temple in Tokyo and enshrines the Buddhist goddess of mercy. Hence, it is one of the major tourist attractions in Tokyo.

Key features

  • A very beautifully carved dragon sits under the giant red lantern at the entrance of the Temple complex.
  • Also, there are eye-catching statues of the God of wind (Fujin) and the God of thunder (Raijin)  at either side of the gate.
  • The current building of the temple is a fantastic example of the early Edo architecture.
  • Furthermore, it is the epicenter of Sanja Matsuri, a very famous festival in Tokyo.

4. Ueno Park and Zoo

Top Travel Destinations in Tokyo, Ueno Park and Zoo2

Originally founded as a part of the Kaneiji Temple, Ueno Park and Zoo are one of the major tourist attractions in Tokyo.

Key features

  • Ueno Park is home to Tokyo National Museum, National Museum for Western Art, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, and National Museum. Therefore, it becomes a must-visit place in Tokyo.
  • Also, Tokyo’s first zoo has grounded the same as Ueno Park.
  • In addition, Ueno Park is a popular spot for Hanami meaning cherry blossoms.

5. The Meiji Shrine

Top Travel Destinations in Tokyo, The Meiji Shrine

The Meiji Shrine is dedicated to the first emperor and empress of modern Japan. It should be on your list for being one of the most beautiful places in Tokyo.

Key features

  • The Meiji Jingu’s treasure house is full of royal artifacts and antiques from the history of Japan.
  • Also, don’t forget to visit the traditional garden of shrine. It is believed to be a hidden power spot.
  • In addition, a very grand Spring Festival is organized in the months of April and May.
  • Furthermore, there are over 120,000 trees around the Meiji Jingu and Yoyogi Park.
  • Most importantly, it is one of the best places to walk out of the city into the world of nature.

6. Hamarikyu gardens

Top Travel Destinations in Tokyo, Hamarikyu gardens

Hamarikyu garden constitutes the heart of downtown Tokyo. It’s the only green space between the gleaming skyscrapers that make it a beautiful place in Tokyo.

Key features

  • Make sure to spend some time in the mesmerizing floating teahouse.
  • Also, treat yourself with the Matcha green tea and numerous other traditional sweets served in the style of a tea-ceremony.
  • In addition, stroll along the bridge that extends up to 118 meters and connect the island’s lush gardens.
  • Also, there is a graveyard to commemorate and console the spirits of ducks that died due to the hunting practice.
  • Most importantly, there is a flower valley that blooms fresh around the year with beautiful peonies and cosmos.

7. Tokyo Skytree

Top Travel Destinations in Tokyo, nature-of-tokyo-skytree

The Tokyo Skytree is a broadcasting tower. It is the tallest tower in Japan and the second tallest in the world after Burj Khalifa. Therefore, it is one of the top travel destinations in Tokyo.

Key features

  • The observation decks over the top of the Tokyo Skytree offer spectacular views of the entire capital of Tokyo.
  • Also, the Tempo Gallery is the highest skywalk. A spiral ramp grows in height as it encircles the Tokyo Skytree.
  • In addition, the purple-colored lit Skytree represents the elegance and grace of Edo.
  • Most importantly, the Tokyo Skytree offers stunning views of the beautifully lit streets of Tokyo. Also, Mount Fuji is visible from the tower.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy a delicious meal at the magnificent Sky Restaurant.

8. Top travel destinations in Tokyo, Tokyo Tower

Top Travel Destinations in Tokyo, Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is the original and iconic symbol of the Japanese Capital. It is one of the most beautiful places in Tokyo.

Key features

  • Different views from the different observation decks allow you to catch bird’s eye views of the city.
  • At night, the city seems to be studded with little pearls and diamonds.
  • Also, the Rainbow bridge is illuminated in stunning lights. The view from the top of the Tower is especially enchanting.
  • Some of the best souvenirs to buy from the Tokyo Tower are the mineral water bottles shaped like the tower itself, a dice shaped box containing caramel candies, and the tower’s bottle.

9. Top travel destinations in Tokyo, Sumida River

Top Travel Destinations in Tokyo, Sumida River

Sumida River is one of the main rivers of Tokyo. Hence, it is another one of the popular tourist attractions in Tokyo.

Key features

  • A total of 37 bridges stand upon the Sumida River.
  • Also, Tokyo water cruises head up to the Asakusa district which is famous for its ancient Tokyo vibes.
  • In addition, the Tokyo Skytree is easily accessible from the Sumida River.
  • The entire bridges are lined with abundant attractions and shopping spots.

10. The National Art Center

Top Travel Destinations in Tokyo, the national art center


The National Art Center is one of the top tourist attractions in Tokyo because of being one of the largest exhibitions.

Key features

  • There are three different galleries dedicated to the work of Artists Associations’ Exhibitions.
  • The National Art Center is carefully designed with a futuristic perspective. Make sure to explore the intricacies.
  • Interestingly, there aren’t any permanent works on the display at the National Art Center. The exhibits are ever-changing.

Most beautiful places in Japan for Sakura

Sakura Japan is a very famous Japanese festival of viewing cherry blossoms. Entire Japan is painted in the colors of beautiful cherry blossoms. Also, the parks and the streets get covered in a bed of pink colored cherry blossoms.

1. Yoyogi Park

yoyogi park2


  • This park is not only famous for the cherry blossom trees but also there are a number of things that are available in this fifth largest park in Tokyo.
  • There are fountains and cycling courses that makes it a perfect place to spend a day.
  • Also, a part of the park hosts a bird sanctuary. Therefore, it is one of the most beautiful places in Tokyo.

2. Shinjuku Garden

Shinjuku Garden

  • Firstly, it is located in the heart of the city and yet emits a very peaceful vibe.
  • Secondly, Shinjuku Garden is a beautiful place in Tokyo for picnics while watching over the beautiful cherry blossoms.
  • Also, there are a number of dining and entertainment spots here.
  • Therefore, Shinjuku Garden is the best place to witness the blooming of cherry blossoms.

3. Ueno Park

Ueno Park

  • Ueno Park Park is very popular in Tokyo for the viewing of cherry blossoms.
  • The trees bloom earlier in this part than other areas in Tokyo.
  • The Park extends up to an area of 538,000 square meters in which more than 800 cherry trees bloom.

4. Chidorigafuchi


  • Chidorigafuchi is another one of the most beautiful places in Tokyo for cherry blossom viewing.
  • Also, the best way to enjoy the sceneries of cherry blossoms is by boat. Hence, rent a boat and paddle in the moats.
  • In addition, Not only the blooming of cherry blossoms but also the withered petals of these flowers create another picturesque view.
  • Most importantly, during the bloom season, the cherry blossoms light up after sunset which creates a gorgeous landscape.

5. Inokashira Park

Inokashira Park

  • Firstly, Inokashira Park is a great place with a bundle of recreational facilities like a pond and a shrine.
  • Secondly, Inokashira Pond allows visitors to row the boats and enjoy the scenic landscape.
  • Thirdly, the whole park looks extremely beautiful with white and pink cherry blossoms. Therefore, it is another treat for picnic lovers.
  • Lastly, the park hosts a museum, zoo, and a great aquarium. It is another one of the most beautiful places in Tokyo.

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