October 27, 2021

Travel Guide to Playa Blanca, Colombia

Playa Blanca is among the most beautiful beaches in Colombia. Its white and golden sand and the crystal clear turquoise water is like heaven on earth. Besides, its beautiful beach the fishing and boating experience adds fun to this place. This is the reason why Playa Blanca holds the status of “one of the finest beaches in Colombia”.

Tourists and locals visiting this beach rank it among the “worth visiting places in Colombia”. So, if you are a fun-loving beach person, then the beach of Playa Blanca is a perfect place to enjoy and relax. Also, I guarantee you that your precious money and time will be worth it. And by the end of the day, you’ll have lots of unforgettable memories.

Playa Blanca Colombia- Geography and Location

Playa Blanca Colombia

The beach of Playa Blanca links to several different islands and cities. The most popular locations near Playa Blanca are Cartegena, Isla Baru, and Rosario Islands. The relation of the beach with these near and popular sites is also described below.

  • Playa Blanca – Cartegena, Colombia

Cartegena is a port city in Colombia. This city is the second-largest in its region. And the fifth-largest city in the whole of Colombia. It is the nearest route to the island of Baru and the beach of Playa Blanca. If you visit Cartegena then you shouldn’t miss the chance to pay a visit to one of the finest beaches in Colombia.

  • Playa Blanca – Isla Baru

Isla de Baru also is known as Isla Baru is an island that is present to the south of Cartegena, Colombia. The Canal del Dique separates this island from the mainland. The beach of Playa Blanca is located on the island of Baru. Thus, it is among the worth visiting places in Colombia. Due to the immense tourism on this beach, Isla Baru contributes a lot to the country’s economy.

  • Playa Blanca – Rosario Islands, Cartegena

Rosario Islands or Islas de Rosario is a group of islands or a part of the sea containing small islands. It is present approx. 100 kilometers away from Cartegena. It also holds the status of being one of the Natural National parks of Colombia. It connects to Isla Baru at the southwest of southern Cartegena. Thus, establishing a route to the beach of Playa Blanca, Colombia.

How to get to Playa Blanca from Cartegena

There are plenty of routes you can take to get to Playa Blanca. But the most common route is from Cartegena. And it hardly takes 90 minutes to reach there. You can get from Cartegena to Playa Blanca by following transportations.

  • By Shuttle services  

Shuttle services

You can take the shuttle bus services provided by transportation companies. Or by the hotels in Playa Blanca. Some of these shuttle services are so good that they even include a boat ride to take you to the end of the beach. Also, the multiple departures and returns are a plus point to this option. The charges are around 50,000 pesos per person. But it is not very much expensive. Compared to the number of services and comfort these shuttle busses provide.

  • Take a Bus or a Taxi


The cheapest way to go to Playa Blanca is by taking a bus or a taxi. But it might get a little inconvenient for you. Because first, you have to reach the town of Pasacaballos. From here you can take a collective bus, a collective taxi, or a moto-taxi. These busses and taxis are easily available at the numerous bus and taxi stands in Centro. The prices of all these vary from 25000 (for the bus), 8000 (for a collective taxi), and 10,000 (for moto-taxi). If you are hiring a personal taxi. Then I must warn you that it might cost you around 80,000-100,000 pesos. For returns, you better arrange a taxi beforehand. After you are back in Pascaballos, you can either take a bus to Centro, or the taxi direct to where you are going.

  • Take a Day Tour

The day tours are good for people who are willing to visit several places at once. These tour guides and vendors are easily available in Centro. These include transportation, food, and fun activities in their day tour packages. And it can cost you around 10,000 pesos per person. But, it is not a suitable option for you if you are not a crowd person.

 Cartegena Weather

Playa Blanca, Cartegena Weather

Knowing the weather and climate of the place you are visiting is very important. This not only helps you pack the clothing items according to the weather conditions. But also it helps you determine whether the climate of that place suits your body. Especially if you are allergic to some weather types. You should pay good attention to the weather forecast for your destination.

As far as the weather of Playa Blanca, Cartegena is in the account. You should know that this place typically has a warm climate. The temperature ranges are between 30 degrees Celsius. Keeping all this in mind you can easily choose the best time to visit Playa Blanca.

  • The warmest months are May, June, July, August, and September. And the average maximum temperature recorded is 32°C.
  • The month of January is the coldest and the temperature is around 30°C.
  • The average rainfall recorded occurs mostly in October.
  • A dry spell of climate arises in February.
  • The water temperature averages around  29°C.
  • Cold winds are always blowing so you might pack a thick bathing suit to avoid cold and flu.
  • Strong offshore winds replace the warmed up surface water with colder deep water. These winds can cause variations in the water temperature.
  • Variations in sea depths can also cause a change in temperature.

But I guess the best time to visit Playa Blanca is in the warm months. The cold winds and comforting cool water will make you relax. And you can beat the heat while getting tanned under the sun.

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Where to Stay in Playa Blanca, Cartegena, Colombia

playa blanca hotels

If you are planning on visiting one of the most beautiful beaches in Colombia. Then you should also find a good place where you can easily spend your vacation near the beach. There are plenty of hotels, resorts, huts, and beach houses available in Playa Blanca. Here you can spend quality time with all the comfort and luxury.

Playa Blanca Hotels

Playa Blanca Hotels

The hotels in Playa Blanca accommodate the tourists and locals visiting the beach. The prices at every hotel vary greatly depending on the star rating of the hotel and the time of the year. Some of the best hotels in Playa Blanca are,

  • Tui Blue Flamingo Beach

It is a 3-star hotel with good food, laundry, and parking facilities. The staff is very active and honest. Also, it is at a site in Yaiza where you will be near the beach.

  • The Royal

It is one of the best hotels in Playa Blanca. The Royal is a 3-star hotel in Yaiza. It has good room services. And you’ll enjoy your time near the beach.

  • Palmeras Garden

A 3-star hotel in Yaiza, keeping you close to the beach. With free wifi services. And room prices around 74$ for standard rooms while 91$ for superior rooms. These prices are according to 1 night and 1 room.

  • H10 Rubicon Palace

It is an above 4-star hotel having all the facilities of food, free wifi, laundry, and parking. Located in Yaiza near the beach having a 24-hour service. Rooms have multiple single or double beds. While the room charges are different for standard and superior rooms.

  • Hotel the Volcan Lanzarote

Hotel the Volcan Lanzarote

This 5-star hotel is in Yaiza, by the sea. It has business centers and conference spaces. Dry cleaning and laundry facilities are also available. The charges vary according to the size of the rooms and facilities.

  • Ona Las Casitas

This 4-star hotel is at Yaiza near the beach. The unique quality of this hotel is its featured library services. The comfortable, clean, and cozy rooms are also a prominent feature of this hotel.

Playa Blanca Resorts

Playa Blanca Resorts

Thes best resorts in Playa Blanca offer you a complete package of comfort, fun, and relaxation. The facilities provided in these resorts make your vacation more fun and memorable. Some of these best resorts in Playa Blanca are listed below,

  • Dreams Lanzarote Playa Dorada Resort and Spa

This luxurious resort offers restaurants, outdoor swimming pools, and kids play area. Besides these, free wifi, spa, and bar facilities are also available. Rooms have everything you need and the staff is very dedicated.

  • Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort

This resort has 8 restaurants, 6 outdoor swimming pools, and spa centers. The rooms have balconies, kitchenettes, flat-screen TVs, and many other basic facilities. The great quality of this resort is its beachfront location.

  • Iberostar Selection Lanzarote Park

This resort has separate adult and kids outdoor swimming pools. The sauna, spas, and hot tubs are the special facilities of this resort. A sun terrace with sun loungers is also available there.

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 Beach Clubs

Playa Blanca Beach Clubs

There are plenty of beach clubs available in Playa Blanca. Where you get to enjoy various traditional and local food, drinks, and activities. While you sit at the shore watching white sand and blue water.

  • Neena Beach Club

This club brings style, comfort, and fun to one of the most beautiful beaches in Colombia. Here you can enjoy Caribbean cocktails, sunbaths, freshwater showers, a beach bed, and other fun activities. This beach club also offers you free wifi services so that you can Instagram your aesthetic pictures. The massage therapists are available throughout the day. So that you can relax near the waves. All this and much more is available at only 42$ per person.

This Playa Blanca beach club offers you the best nightlife experience. The fun and hippy discos, bars, and live music keep you up all night. You can cool off at this club after heading back from the beach. The service quality is remarkable. Here you can also enjoy American food with good company.

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